Right now, two revolutions are happening simultaneously, in mobility and in energy. Driivz™ is bridging the gap between these two revolutions and facilitating their dialogue.

The Driivz team is a group of EV specialists who have witnessed several industrial revolutions over the years: telecommunications, the internet, digitization and automation.

Since 2013, Driivz has been the operating system for global EV charging. Today, it is more than that: it is a platform that provides digital services to support EV market growth, drive the electrification of transportation and optimize overall energy consumption.

Driivz is unlocking the future of energy management, primed and ready for the next revolution: e-mobility 4.0.

Enormous EV market growth will come with major challenges for EV market players – but also a huge opportunity to revolutionize the energy market.

By 2030, the world will have 40 million EV charging points according to GTM research. Vehicle manufacturers will need to support drivers in a seamless way, with the right type of high quality, easy to use infrastructure. Grid operators will need to support growing demand with already existing infrastructure.

What is needed is a technically excellent and stable platform that can support this growth and underpin a successful transition to a fully electrified vehicle future, while providing new digital services for business.

This is where we come in. We have spent years developing a future-proofed, intuitive platform with extensive functionality. We’ve addressed problems that other providers have not, from customizable billing tools and self-healing functionality to roaming capabilities.

We have leapfrogged from e-mobility 1.0 to e-mobility 4.0: a data-driven platform that is more connected to the EV ecosystem, more connected to energy demand and enables even further monetization of your assets.

But most importantly – and what drives the success of our business – is our wider vision. Our dedication to producing advanced energy management tools means that EVs will be used to store energy, lowering prices for end-users and reducing carbon emissions.

Electric vehicles are not only for clean transportation. With advanced vehicle-to-grid technology, drivers now can also become energy suppliers and providers, reducing costs for individuals and businesses, as well as lowering overall energy consumption.

This is what the future of energy management looks like, and we are here to enable it.

Our customers’ success depends on how effective our platform is, so we have developed a wide-ranging portfolio of solutions to solve all EV charging management needs.

Our work is not only future-proofed but also supports the latest innovations and protocols in EV-related energy management and other EV-related services.


Supporting the world’s largest charging networks as well as new market entrants, the success of Driivz underpins a smooth transition towards a future-thinking EV charging network, worldwide.

Already, we’ve saved the equivalent of over 140,000 tons of CO2. This will only increase as more drivers join the 1 million+ that currently use networks which run on our platform across 28 countries. Our high driver retention rate comes from our platform’s ease of use and our ability to invest in the improvement and evolution of our product, attracting global customers including EVgo, Shell, Mer, eMobility Power, ElaadNL, ESB and Volvo Group.

In February 2022, Driivz was acquired by Vontier Corporation, a global industrial technology company focused on transportation and mobility solutions.  The acquisition accelerates Vontier’s strategy to provide smart, sustainable mobility solutions.

Driivz continues to be led by Doron Frenkel and run as an independent company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vontier.

This acquisition accelerates our market leadership in EV charging and smart energy management. With the most scalable platform, innovative technology and flexible business models, we can drive broader and deeper impact at a global scale. Our commitment is to our customers and to our motivated team of experts, who will continuously cater to customers’ current and future needs.

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