Over the years, mankind has witnessed global revolutions in telecommunications, the internet, digitization, and automation. We are now in the midst of two more revolutions: mobility and energy management. Driivz sits at the nexus of these revolutions driving the move to clean energy by powering the adoption of electric mobility.

Since 2013, Driivz has been functioning as an “operating system” for EV charging networks globally. As a comprehensive software platform that provides services to EV charging network operators, Driivz supports EV market growth, drives the electrification of transportation, and optimizes overall energy consumption, helping to balance the grid with clean energy.

The Driivz team is a group of EV specialists. Our vision is to revitalize the planet for generations to come by driving the transformation of EVs into “battery storage on wheels.”

Local vs Cloud EV charging management

The exponential growth in EV adoption presents challenges for EV market players, but also a huge opportunity for them to revolutionize the energy market.

By 2030, the number of  EVs  on the roads worldwide will reach 250 million¹. To provide all those EVs with adequate charging infrastructure and give drivers the seamless charging experience they want, there will be 13 million charging points deployed globally².

Through smart energy management, network operators can both satisfy the huge surge in demand for EV charging while being a source of energy utilities can use with existing infrastructure.

¹ Source: IEA, Global EV Outlook 2023

² Source: Next Move Strategy Consulting

The Leading End-to-end EV Charging & Energy Management Solution

To support the growth in EV adoption and drive a successful transition to a fully electrified future, operators need an advanced platform that will maintain charger networks in excellent condition for drivers to use while providing the digital services needed to run an EV charging business.

Here at Driivz, we have spent years building a robust, scalable, future-proof platform with all the operational and business capabilities needed by an EV charging network. Through our extensive experience with a wide range of customers, we have encountered and overcome some of the most unique challenges in the market, from customized billing tools, to charger self-healing algorithms and roaming interfaces.


But most important, and what drives the success of our business, is our wider vision. Electric vehicles are not only a means for clean transportation. Using Driivz’s advanced energy management tools, EVs will be used to store energy, and through our support for advanced vehicle-to-grid (V2X) technology, EV drivers can then provide energy back to the grid. So, not only will EVs reduce carbon emissions, but they will also lower costs for individuals and businesses, reduce overall consumption of energy, and effectively become a readily available source of clean energy.

This is what the future of energy management looks like, and Driivz is here to enable it.


We work very closely with our customers. To ensure our mutual success, we have developed a wide range of portfolio solutions to meet all the technical and commercial needs of managing an EV charging network and its customers.

Driivz’s platform is future-proof and cutting edge, supporting the latest innovations and protocols related to EV charging and energy management. The platform is interoperable with external systems and supports a wide variety of business cases, ready for the rapidly evolving EV charging market.


By powering the world’s largest EV charging networks as well as new market entrants, Driivz is facilitating a smooth transition to a forward-looking EV charging ecosystem worldwide.

We have already helped prevent 267,000 tons of CO2 from polluting the planet. This number will only increase as more drivers join the millions that are already using networks powered by Driivz in over 30 countries. Our customers’ high driver retention rates stems from their ability to provide a seamless charging experience using our platform. We will continue to invest in the improvement and evolution of our products, attracting global customers such as EVgo, Shell, Mer, Circle K, Recharge, eMobility Power, ElaadNL, ESB, and Volvo Group.

In February 2022, Driivz was acquired by Vontier Corporation, a global industrial technology company focused on transportation and mobility solutions. The acquisition accelerates Vontier’s strategy to provide smart, sustainable mobility solutions.

Driivz continues to be led by Doron Frenkel and run as an independent company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vontier.

This acquisition accelerates our market leadership in smart EV charging and energy management. With the most scalable platform, innovative technology and flexible business models, we will continue to make a broad and deep impact on a global scale. Our commitment is to our customers and to our motivated team of experts, who will continuously cater to customers’ current and future needs.

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