15 Top LinkedIn Groups to Strengthen Your Connections in the Electric Mobility Community

Posted By Rami Honig

January 13, 2024

Electric mobility is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. It sits at the intersection of the quest to reduce carbon emissions, develop better battery technologies, and increase the focus on renewable energy with the goal of achieving a more sustainable future. Companies in the electric vehicle (EV) space are riding this wave and continuously innovating with new strategies, products, and business models. These are spurred on by governments around the world setting down regulations and allocating huge funds to accelerate EV adoption. A good way to connect to the eMobility industry is by joining relevant LinkedIn groups that provide a way to share ideas, communicate, and make things happen.

This is an update to our post from May 2021 where we selected the top 11 EV groups in the EV and sustainability industries. At that time, we listed the groups according to the number of members they had. This time around, we’re listing them by their relative growth. While comparing groups that address a wide range of topics to more focused groups may not be apples to apples, it’s still interesting to see which groups have gained more interest over the last 20 months or so. We’ll also add 4 groups to the list to give you even more opportunities to share your vision of the EV future and be part of a greater community of EV professionals.


Membership: 11,509. Growth: 156%

This group is a meeting place for both professional and amateur eMobility enthusiasts who want to discuss trends, products, solutions, and more. In terms of growth, this group was an outlier, showing tremendously growing interest in EVs and related technologies and mimicking the exponential growth in EV adoption.

EV Infrastructure Forum

Membership: 7,159. Growth: 65%

The members of this forum focus on public EV charging infrastructure, utility metering, smart grids, EV charging hardware and software platforms. They also discuss lessons learned and share details about incentives, grants, and rebates. It shouldn’t be surprising that this enormous growth in interest EV infrastructure is second only to the growth in eMobility.

Electric and Autonomous Vehicles and Infrastructure; Mobility Services of the (Near) Future

Membership: 31,348. Growth: 59%

The group focuses on the future of eMobility and its impact on the automotive industry, energy infrastructure, and society as a whole. The discussions include the convergence of electrification and autonomy, consumer attitudes and preferences, and the commoditization of vehicles in vehicles-as-a-service.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle for Commercial and Fleet Vehicles

Membership: 10,758. Growth: 47%

The purpose of this group is to share the latest hybrid and plug-in hybrid (HEV and PHEV) vehicle technology and news geared for commercial and fleet vehicles. The membership and growth numbers show that hybrid vehicles are still interesting, and fleet electrification is definitely happening.

Energy Flexibility  –  Storage, Electric Vehicles & Demand Response

Membership: 10,659. Growth: 40%

Taking an integrated approach to variable renewable energy issues, the group discusses energy storage, EV demand response, inter connecting transformers (ICT), and grid reinforcement. Stakeholders participating in the group include leaders in utilities, renewables, energy storage, electric vehicles, environmental groups, aggregators, and large electricity users as well as policy makers, regulators, and renewable energy plant operators.

Sustainability Professionals

Membership: 346,790. Growth: 37%

Considering that Sustainability Professionals was, and still is the largest group, it covers a wide range of industries, and has shown impressive growth. The group covers – energy, water, waste, recycling, green building, etc. The focus is on sustainability and environmental issues and there are insightful discussions around eMobility.

Electric Car Charging Infrastructure in Cities

Membership: 4,333. Growth: 36%

Membership in this group covers a range of players, including municipalities, electricity suppliers, and electricity network companies.

Smart Grid Professionals – Energy efficiency, Smart meters, Demand Management, Electric Vehicles

Membership: 16,841. Growth: 35%

UtilityDive, one of the utility industry’s leading publications, manages the group. Demand management, electric vehicles, and energy efficiency are among the topics covered, all of which relate to smart EV charging and energy management.

Advanced Electric Vehicles (AEVs)

Membership: 10,636. Growth: 32%

The group’s focus is broad, covering not only electric vehicle technologies but also investment and employment opportunities.

Sustainable Energy Development

Membership: 17,231. Growth: 29%

This group’s emphasis is on the advancement of sustainable, renewable, and green energy solutions. Discussions range from the latest research to policy development and advocacy.

The Next Mobility & Energy: Automotive, Transportation, Energy, Innovation

Membership: 22,805. Growth: 4%

The group discusses a variety of topics related to autonomous and connected vehicles, including micromobility, fast charge, eMobility, and more. While it’s still one of the largest groups in the list, it has not grown much over the years.


And if those 11 groups aren’t enough to keep you busy, here are four more you can look at:

Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Membership: 232,389

The sheer volume of this group indicates how important this topic is. Membership is public and targets sustainability leaders and professionals.

IEEE Transportation Electrification

Membership: 7,857

This group discusses the technologies, organizations, and projects involved in electrification of all modes of transport, and also delves into enabling technologies such as batteries and energy storage.

Renewable Energy and Cleantech Innovations (Innovation in Sustainability)

Membership: 7,057

Are floating wind and solar installations the future of renewable energy? These are the types of questions that this group discusses and attempts to answer. If the future of transportation, mobility, and energy is what keeps you up at night, this group is definitely for you.

Fleet electrification (EVs, EV charging, grid integration, autonomous driving) 

Membership: 5,036

With fleet electrification being one of the key drivers to EV adoption, this might be a good group to follow. It’s all about charging and refueling infrastructure for fleets, and also covers autonomous vehicles and driving.


To summarize, participating in any one of these LinkedIn groups connects you to people with the same goal – bringing the possibilities of electric vehicles, renewables, smart energy management, and more into fruition. We’re all working together in the quest to not only revitalize the planet and build a greener world but to create new enterprises, relationships, and commercial success.


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