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EV Charging: All the news – July 10, 2019

Oren Halevi
Posted By Oren Halevi
10 July

Are you up to date with the latest industry news in the electric vehicle world? Missed the vital information about OEM growth in Europe, new tech partnerships, AI innovation in the EV industry or incentives and funding that run into the eight figures? Keep reading, and you’ll soon be caught up!

Continued Growth for OEMs

Europe’s seeing noticeable growth in EV sales, with their best results in twelve years, 1.44 million. The fastest-growing segment is BEVs, at 85% of the sales. In June, passenger EV registration in Norway also reached its second-highest of all time, taking up 58% of the market with a rise of 11.2% YOY. Many believe Tesla is responsible for this growth, with the Tesla Model 3 making up 3,012 of the new registrations.

A new EU law that came into play on the 1st July may have OEMs adding to their checklists. It’s all about acoustic vehicle alert systems, which need to be in place up to 12mph. While EV’s are pretty noticeable at full speed, when they are slow they could be missed by pedestrians, the visually impaired, or other vulnerable groups. Great to see regulation leading the way in features that can help OEMs put safety first.

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A Closer Look at this Month’s Utilities and Incentives

Over in the UK, £23 million has been invested in EV battery research, as part of the Faraday Battery Challenge, which works with business and academic institutions to accelerate R&D into EV batteries. The winners of this financial support include one project led by Jaguar Land Rover. Additionally, the Scottish Government will also be boosting EV adoption with a £20 million fund for local authorities. This money is being used for 800 new chargers and can be accessed by the local authorities to add EVs to their fleets, as well as set up new charge points.

Funding is also making waves in the US. Have you heard of the New Jersey Partnership to Plug-In? The aim put forward by Governor Phil Murphy is to register 330,000 zero-emission vehicles by 2025. The partnership is led by the State and will be dedicating $7 million to fast-charging infrastructure technology. On top of this, Virginia has allocated $12 million to support the electrification of electric buses, including $9 from the Volkswagen environmental mitigation trust. Alexandria, Blacksburg and Hampton Road transit systems will have 17 buses, alongside the charging infrastructure it needs.

Charge Ahead

European charging network Allego has chosen Efacec to supply 90 extra-fast chargers in Germany and the Netherlands over the next two years. The Lidl and Kaufland supermarket chains are also increasing EV infrastructure in Germany, with 140 charging stations at 60 locations thanks to a partnership with Volkswagen. These new chargers increase the amount in Berlin by 20% and will be exclusive to WeShare users.

Volkswagen aren’t the only OEM getting in on charging partnerships. Fiat has announced a deal with EVBox to supply charging systems for its new EVs. The company will set up Fiat’s new online platform and install charging stations for 2,800 dealers in 14 EU countries. This news comes after last years announcement that Fiat would be investing €9 billion in developing new EVs.

Interested in Storage and Management?

Last off for this time, a new charging solution that will both reduce the time a charge takes and help lithium-ion batteries last longer? We’re listening. GBatteries have announced a new solution that leverages AI pulse charging to increase the amount of power to a battery. Traditional chargers have set maximum capacities and rates, while the new model will monitor the battery for real-time information, ensuring optimal charge without affecting the battery’s longevity. Now that’s smart!

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