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EV Charging: All the news – September 2019

Oren Halevi
Posted By Oren Halevi
10 September

Looking for one place to find all the EV industry news that you need to know from the last fortnight? You’ve found it. As leaders in the EV charging world, we’ve gathered all the must-have facts and news from the last few weeks and laid it out for all EV stakeholders – making staying updated simple.

Overall, the market share improved to 2.8% (including 1.9% BEVs) in July and to 2.9% (2% for BEVs) YTD. After seven months of this year, more than 285,000 new passenger plug-in electric cars were registered.

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Another good month for EV sales in Europe!

July 2019 has been a good month for the EV market in Europe, with a healthy growth of 34% YOY to almost 36,000 new passenger plug-in electric cars registered.

The reason for that is the outstanding expansion of all-electric cars – by 90% YOY to around 24,000 and two-thirds of all plug-in sales. On the other hand, plug-in hybrid sales went down by 19%

Overall, the market share improved to 2.8% (including 1.9% BEVs) in July and to 2.9% (2% for BEVs) YTD. After seven months of this year, more than 285,000 new passenger plug-in electric cars were registered.

Roaming in the USA

Electric cars are often compared to mobile phones. Among other similarities, both devices depend on a stack of interdependent hardware, software and services, and both need to be plugged in and charged after use, normally in the evening. A critical step in creating today’s mobile phone ecosystem was the development of roaming – a seamless handover from one service provider to another, invisible to the consumer. An analogous system is gradually coming into existence to handle EV charging.

Recently, EVgo and Electrify America, two of the biggest DC fast-charging networks in the US, jointly announced an interoperability agreement. As a result, customers of both networks will get access to all of the stations by using their existing accounts, without any additional fees. Together, EVgo and Electrify America offer more than 1,000 charging stations with more than 3,000 DC fast chargers.

With more and more networks aligning with similar roaming agreements (like the agreements of EVgo with Chargepoint and EV Connect), public EV charging is now seamless than ever. Agreements like this tremendously help to eliminate the “range anxiety” of drivers and to accelerate the EV market.

California: New incentive program for clean off-road freight

The California Air Resources Board announced the launch of “Clean Off-Road Equipment Voucher Incentive Project (CORE)” – a $40 million program which is designed to aid in the purchase of zero-emission off-road freight technology.

Through CORE, business owners could receive $180,000 to cover the difference between the purchasing cost of a diesel and a zero-emission vehicle. The program also provides up to 10% higher incentives for equipment used in disadvantaged communities. Awards are capped at $500,000 per piece of equipment.

CARB Executive Officer Richard W. Corey said: “Forward-thinking, savvy business owners will want to take advantage of CORE because it will enable them to replace their dirty older equipment and get the cleanest, most advanced models available for about the same price as the diesel- or gas-powered version.” CORE funding is expected to begin by the end of the year.

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