Optimizing Your EV Charging Network Operations

Posted By Driivz Team

July 6, 2021

To monetize your EV charging network and win a growing share of the market, you may want to consider an EV charging management platform that can adapt to changes in the industry, help manage and streamline every aspect of EV charging network operations and increase customer satisfaction.

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First, though, let’s review the myriad challenges facing EV charging providers on their way to achieving operational excellence. 

  1. Scaling quickly – considering the exponential growth of the EV market, it’s critical to be able to expand and scale the network rapidly and easily in terms of chargers, charger types, sites, and regions, with no disruptions to existing operations.
  1. Lowering TCO – High infrastructure investments and limited utilization of infrastructure often combine to hike total cost of ownership. In addition, field services and manual operations are expensive and time-consuming and, when not executed effectively, may cause driver frustration.
  1. Overcoming grid constraints while accelerating electrification – Most power infrastructure is not optimized from a utilization perspective. Furthermore, it is often already overburdened, trying to keep up with demands for increased cooling or heating during weather extremes. EV charging adds an additional burden to an already overtaxed system.
  1. Keeping up with consumer and fleet demands – private and fleet EV drivers want to charge anywhere – at home, multi-dwelling unit, workplace, depot, on the road, at a retail host – at any time. They want chargers to always be available and simple to use. EV drivers require complete transparency, with real-time information about charger availability, ease of reservations, as well as clarity about peak and non-peak pricing. Furthermore, drivers who travel across borders require seamless EV roaming, with multicurrency and multilanguage support.
  1. Achieving business Flexibility – In a world of disruption and change, satisfying the needs of a complex EV market, comprised of a wide range of stakeholders with unique business models and requirements, is a big challenge. EV charging providers are looking for dedicated customizable solutions which they can tailor and configure to address their business needs.

Advanced capabilities of a management solution for optimized EV charging network operations

 To effectively and efficiently manage every aspect of EV charging network operations, choose a platform that offers the following capabilities:

  1. Insights-driven dashboards with access to analyses and reports to empower both business and technical decision makers
  2. Complete management of drivers and chargers
  3. Automatically generated alerts, with easy mitigation management
  4. Self-healing algorithms to proactively and automatically resolve issues
  5. Billing operations management for any business model
  6. Support of any type of charger as well as industry standards and protocols
  7. Guided processes to tackle problems, with clearly outlined steps to speed resolution

The business value of an optimized EV charging network operations

 At the end of the day, it’s all down to the business value of an optimized EV charging network. First, it delivers lower TCO, increases network monetization, enhances EV driver satisfaction, and improves ROI. Last, but not least, it enables your EV charging business to grow in tandem with the EV market itself.

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