EV Charging Station Management Software Best Practices

EV Charging Station Management Best Practices

Posted By Shachar Inbar
17 April, 2020

Reducing TCO for Charge Point Operators and eMobility Service Providers (EMSPs)

Electric vehicle charging-station operations management is complex, with uptime as the most critical challenge for charge point operators (CPO). eMobility service providers (EMSP) cannot have electric vehicle owners get to an EV charging station only to discover that the charge point is not operational. Anytime a malfunction occurs, the operator loses revenue and customer loyalty.

Whenever a charge point isn’t working properly, it’s very expensive to send a technician to repair it. EMSPs and CPOs need to know about any issues with charging operations management infrastructure in real-time to prevent lost revenue and damage to EV drivers’ satisfaction. With real-time issue discovery and automated self-repair, everything can be back up and running in minutes instead of hours or days, based on repair technician availability. This capability is becoming more relevant than ever during these challenging COVID-19 times.

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Any charging station operations management infrastructure challenges can be overcome with the right approach and tech. The key is an (AMS), which monitors the operations of the entire EV charging infrastructure.

If the system detects a malfunction or error, the AMS proactively sends commands to fix it automatically. This eliminates the need to send a technician, reducing operational costs; it also ensures that the charging infrastructure is readily available to maximize customer satisfaction, ready for use whenever they need it.

Having automated communications via the management software between the EV charging station management and the charging infrastructure further streamlines operations by implementing automated provisioning. Any time a new charge point at a charging station is “installed,” the system automatically connects the new charger to the entire EV charging network – the power grid, the back-end billing system, the business management software and the operations management system. Automated provisioning makes the charge point go from “nonexistent” to fully functional.  In addition, it helps the operator (EMSP/CPO) increase the EV charging network utilization easily and immediately, on the fly, without having to send someone onsite.

Furthermore, the backend system’s management software collects all data relating to the chargers. It collects not only the state of the hardware and software for operational “health,” but also the usage of the devices, such as length of charge, volume of vehicles using the charger, types of vehicles being charged, etc.

Analyses of these data points empower business decision makers as well as technical leads to significantly enhance station management optimization. The data and analytics tools detect trends, proactively optimizing the entire network infrastructure based on customer behavior, charge point usage, energy management, etc., significantly reducing TCO.

Charger utilization stats lead to better planning for existing and future charging stations and charging infrastructure. For example, a usage heatmap makes it easy to see which sites get the most traffic and which the least, allowing operators to change the charger locations to maximize revenues or open a completely new EV charging station where the market is thin.

Reduce your capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX)

The Driivz Automated Alert Management System (AMS) enables 24X7 automated technical and transactions issues detection and prioritization to avoid impact on drivers, without human intervention.

The self-healing capabilities, either automatically or manually triggered, perform repairs from afar via remote resets and other healing operations, which significantly reduces the need to send technicians onsite. The click-to-fix solution provides easy, efficient, and ultra-fast problem resolution – virtually all information related to an issue is one click away: charger details, driver information (if relevant), problem history, site details etc.

With automated EV charging station operations management, you need fewer technical staff to fix chargers and fewer support reps because the volume of customer support calls decreases. The system’s guided problem resolution catalog, which contains a full library of common charger issues, reduces human error with detailed information on how to resolve a problem, available with a click.

The error-fixing solutions resolves up to 80% of problems through automated problem identification and remote resolution, increasing availability and uptime – charger stability – and consumer satisfaction.

In addition, smart energy management capabilities enable CPOs to reduce energy costs and their initial investment in charging infrastructure.

Driivz AMS reduces TCO, streamlines operations, maximizes profit, and strengthens customer satisfaction. For more details about how AMS can strengthen your EV charging management operations, please contact us today.


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