The Ultimate List of Influencers in the EV Industry

Posted By Driivz Team

June 18, 2020

The transition to electric vehicles is an unstoppable juggernaut, and Driivz is proud to be an integral part of it. We’re only at the beginning of what promises to be a massive revolution that will have a tremendous positive impact on business, people, and the environment, so the exchange and flow of ideas is essential to maintain progress.

The below six EV-industry influencers are very different, but all have either philosophies or missions that align closely with ours. They are driving conversations about EVs, renewable energy, and living more “green.” Whether you read their posts as a professional to keep abreast of the latest activities in the industry or as a private citizen who wants to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, these influencers offer information, inspiration, and initiatives to encourage change.

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They are worth a shout out as they help steer us to a cleaner future. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. Please tell us about others that you think are having an impact on our EV future.

Roger Atkins of Electric Vehicles Outlook, Ltd., has been at the center for the push for EV acceptance for 15 years. He especially prides himself on converting principles into practical applications. A sought-after consultant and keynote speaker, his communications reach more than one million people every quarter, including his 300,000 followers on LinkedIn. Roger serves as an advisor for EV-related companies and conferences, including Momentum Dynamics and the Geneva Motor Show, and is a brand ambassador for Rimac Automobili.

David Hunt was one of the 25 LinkedIn Top Voices 2018 and is a board advisor, mentor, and speaker at various greentech conferences. Besides being a frequent contributor to trade publications, David hosts the “This Week in Cleantech” podcast speaking to Cleantech CEOs and industry leaders about challenges and the latest developments in the sector. He has more than 150,000 followers on LinkedIn. David is the founder and CEO of Hyperion, an executive search firm specializing in the energy storage, solar, eMobility, and clean tech fields.

Robert Llwellyn brings the skills he honed as a comedian and BBC presenter to host the hugely popular YouTube channel, Fully Charged, with 664K subscribers and more than 29K Twitter followers. Focusing on clean energy and EVs, he provides a forward-looking take on electric cars, bikes, boats, and planes. He also focuses on how we can generate and own electricity and contribute to the grid, becoming part of the solution.

Ade Thomas is the chief sustainability officer of Green.TV, a multichannel outlet that creates and distributes the latest in cleantech, conservation, and sustainability video content. Green.TV’s ElectricDrives Facebook channel is the largest eMobility channel, outside of the automotive OEMs with more than a 250K followers. Green.TV produces the EV Summit, a significant, CEO-led, eMobility business forum. Ade has more than 26,000 followers on LinkedIn

Jordan Brompton is one of the co-founders of myenergi, a company that designs and markets smart devices that gives customers control of their generated energy for both home and business, with micro-generation systems that self-consume as much energy as possible. She surrounded herself with inventors, experts, and activists to ensure her products have cutting-edge tech while maintaining her social values. Jordan sees her customers base as a key constituent of the worldwide green-energy movement. She contributes to greentech publications and has almost 22,000 followers on LinkedIn.

Niall Riddell is the Smart Systems Innovation sector director for Smart Systems Enterprises and heads their Bus2Grid project. Niall also serves as a board advisor to the EV subscription start up Elmo. With a long-standing devotion to promoting green energy, his primary focus is on development of customer solutions based on distributed energy assets and smart cities. Niall on-boards smart city partners (sensors, analytics & dashboards), develops EV hub solutions, and integrates 5G and wireless communications solutions. He has more than 6,500 followers on LinkedIn and educates both children and adults about the importance of electric vehicles and green energy.

Check out these greentech players and get excited about the changes to come. Watch and listen across their various channels. Again, please let us know if you think we should feature anyone else.


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