Sharing Insights for a Better Future – Hubject ICNC 2022 Berlin

Posted By Driivz Team

September 19, 2022

Team Driivz received a warm and sunny welcome last week in Berlin at the Hubject Intercharge Network Conference 2022 (ICNC), and it was a great pleasure to also return this year as a conference sponsor.

Oren Halevi, VP Product @ Driivz in ICNC22

This year’s conference theme, ‘Unraveling the Digital DNA of eMobility,’ discussed the challenges and opportunities of digital as a core component in the EV charging ecosystem to deliver a seamless customer experience for EV drivers and accelerate business growth. Hosted by Hubject, this year’s tenth edition of the conference attracted more than 2,000 attendees, and truly was a wonderful celebration that reflected our industry’s mission of climate protection and environmental awareness. The entire conference was paper-free with no wasteful disposables, with unique EV Plug & Charge demonstration spots and other innovative access to EV chargers. The event was held at Berlin’s Euref-Campus, a center for sustainable, renewable energy that features a climate-neutral energy supply, an intelligent energy grid and a testing platform for mobility projects.

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Feeling proud to be Part of Thriving EV Charging Community

On a personal level, participating in an eMobility-specific conference made me even prouder to be part of Driivz – a company that is leading the revolution of innovation and excellence in sustainable EV charging and smart energy management. It is a pleasure to work in an industry that is making a real impact on the environment and to represent a company that is achieving great strides toward recharging the planet by fostering a cleaner, greener future.

The EV Charging Industry – Key Take-aways

Doron Frenkel, CEO @ Driivz in ICNC22

In his keynote session, Driivz founder and CEO Doron Frenkel discussed the importance of scalability and flexibility in achieving success in eMobility business expansion across all aspects of the business. Doron showcased his message with insightful customer success stories and best practices. Doron presented the company’s vision of accelerating the transition to eMobility, powered by green energy, by highlighting the ways in which EV charging and smart energy management bring innumerable benefits to businesses, individuals, and the environment.

I also participated in a very engaging interactive session called ‘Data-Driven eMobility’ about making data-driven business decisions to maintain a sustainable business operation in the eMobility value chain. The session demonstrated a virtual EV charging journey that provided interesting insight into the development of EV charging infrastructure.

A key takeaway from our interactions at ICNC with decision-makers from the eMobility, energy and charging services industries is that we are all fueled by the same drive – to develop eMobility worldwide, to provide EV drivers with a resilient infrastructure that delivers a seamless customer experience, and to communicate and collaborate across the ecosystem.

As the EV industry accelerates toward mass EV adoption by 2025, we are all united by the urgent need to support each other by digitally connecting the EV charging ecosystem and scaling operations across a diverse range of services, as well as addressing energy management concerns. The ICNC speaking sessions described those needs eloquently and passionately, covering on-point topics such as success factors for an EV business model, eRoaming, fast charging with scalable solutions to meet global demand, accelerating investments in EV charging infrastructure, software as the hidden enabler of eMobility, customer satisfaction perspectives on charging, and driving user experience and innovation via standards and energy saving and demand management.

After an engaging two-day experience sharing best practices with our peers, we left ICNC recharged and inspired. Together, we are on the fast track to a zero-emissions future through eMobility.

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