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Supercharge Your EV Knowledge with Our Industry Highlights – May 2019

Oren Halevi
Posted By Oren Halevi
2 May

Here at Driivz, we are known for having our finger on the pulse of the electric vehicle ecosystem, with our EV charging management platform that leads the way in innovation and optimization for the sector.

With that in mind, we’re excited to share our new industry newsletter, keeping all stakeholders on top of everything they need to know about the latest news and trends.

What’s the Latest for EV Charging Operators?

When it comes to EV charging network operators, EVgo are one to watch. Last year alone, EVgo powered 75 million electric miles, an incredible 88% growth since 2017, and are well on track to reach their target and double their network capacity by 2020. With a pledge to use only Green e-certified wind and solar energy across the US, the company has announced that it will now provide 100% renewable energy.

As the industry grows, new charging operators will be attempting to disrupt the status quo, or go head to head against existing players. One such company is Afcon EV, a part of the Shlomo Group, who has recently begun the distribution of a nationwide EV charging network. One of their first contracts will be EV charging stations in all of the BIG Group’s Shopping Centers across Israel, with 50 units installed by the end of the year alone in a multi-million shekel project.

Over the pond, the city of Amsterdam is looking to be emission-free by 2025, and has this month launched their Flexpower initiative a flexible EV charging network. that will maximize the use of renewable energy. This new network includes a total of 456 charging stations with 912 charging points, comprising roughly a third of all chargers in Amsterdam as a whole.

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What Have EV OEMs Been Working on This Month?

Research and development are a huge part of boosting the EV industry, so we were excited to see the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Innovation Lab announcing a partnership with Israeli solar film developer Apollo Power. Apollo power will be trialling the use of its flexible and lightweight solar film on the roof of a Renault Zoe, to test the ability to start the engine and charge an EV battery. If successful, Apollo will be able to reduce the dependency that EVs have on traditional chargers, and reduce the size and weight of the batteries used in place of more sustainable energy choices.

Continuing in the name of R&D, Chinese manufacturer Geely Auto has opened a new facility this month – the Geely Auto Technical Deutschland (GATD) at Raunheim near Frankfurt. The center will have a focus on new energy solutions and next-generation mobility technology, primarily developing premium electric vehicles. This new wave of EVs will allow Geely, as another owner of Volvo Cars and shareholder of Daimler, to further expand its global presence.

We’re following with interest the plan to build a battery plant in Lower Saxony, Germany spearheaded by Volkswagen with an investment of just under €1 billion. The OEM will be partnering with a third party for the battery cell production itself, but this information hasn’t been made public. Watch this space!

In Other News…

All stakeholders in the EV industry should be keeping a close eye on a bill that’s being considered by the Illinois State Legislature, put forward by Democratic Senator Martin Sandoval from Chicago. This law, if passed, is aimed at raising revenue for transportation infrastructure, and would increase the annual registration fee for EVs from $17.50 to a staggering $1,000 by far the highest tax levied by any State. Drivers licence fees and gas taxes would also be doubled, in a series of increased taxes that would raise an estimated $2.4 billion per year.

Lastly, Tesla have announced their final offer for the acquisition of Maxwell Technologies, manufacturer of ultracapacitors and developer of dry electrode technology batteries. While the deal is worth around $235 million, it will be completed through the exchange of common stock.


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