Accelerate Your EV Charging Business with White Label EV Charging Management Software

Posted By Driivz Team

July 12, 2022

White label software offers new and growing EV charging industry players a way to differentiate their value propositions and establish long-term market leadership. White label EV charging management software solutions delivered as SaaS, allow companies to acquire a mature, highly scalable EV charging network management system along with self-service tools for drivers without the time and cost of custom software development.

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The result is rapid time to market, measured in weeks, with white label customer-facing tools that you can brand as your own. “Look and feel” customization should include logos, colors, and graphics to create a seamless extension of your brand. That way, your EV charging service becomes integrated with your company’s brand to build relationships with customers and increase customer loyalty.

Advantages of Choosing a White Label EV Charging Management Solution

Whether you are an EV charge point operator, a power utility, an oil & gas company, or an automaker, you can realize significant business benefits by choosing the right white label EV charging software for your business:

Scale faster and wider

Growing adoption of EVs globally is what makes this market so attractive. EV sales are surging, along with demand for charging infrastructure. Look for a platform with proven scalability on all fronts: chargers managed, billing transactions processed, EV drivers, language and currency support, and the software architecture itself.

Provide a seamless charging experience under your brand

EV charging businesses succeed or fail based on the driver experience. Driver satisfaction starts with operating a reliable and stable EV charging infrastructure. Look for a white label solution that includes automated remote charger management with such features as self-healing algorithms to maximize charger uptime and guided problem solving for onsite technicians.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and boost revenues

By branding your EV driver app, you can build awareness in the marketplace for your services. Ultimately, your visibility will help you add customers for your charging services, increase use of your chargers, and boost your revenues.

Look for a white label end user mobile and online portal apps with advanced self-service tools for EV drivers, including real-time charger location and availability, surrounding points of interest, the ability to make reservations, route planning and navigation to incorporate charging into trip planning, and full access to billing, charging history, payment methods, coupons, and other account information.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Developing your own EV charging management software and driver apps is costly and time consuming. It requires assembling a team of market experts and technically skilled developers who understand the evolving needs of the industry and investing significant resources in research and development efforts. With a white label software solution, you eliminate the upfront investment and ongoing personnel and development costs. Moreover, you can leverage the industry best practices encoded in the white label software to reduce ongoing operating costs.

Optimize energy management and reduce costs

Smart EV charging with smart energy management should be a key component of the white label software platform you select. Look for the ability to balance energy use among chargers, support time-of-use pricing and flexibility markets, incorporate local storage and generation, and flatten the demand curve to reduce costs and avoid costly grid upgrades.

Future-proof your business

Your white label EV software provider is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the EV charging management platform and supporting industry protocols and standards such a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) bidirectional charging. Look for a provider committed to technology advancement and innovation for continuous product improvement so your company can sustain success as the industry matures.

Define your competitive advantage

White label software frees you to focus on differentiating your services in the marketplace and developing a competitive advantage. Make sure the platform you choose provides the insights into charger operations and customer behavior that can help you optimize monetization of your services and delight drivers with a seamless experience.

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