CEZ Driivz case study

CEZ is Evolving to Become an Emerging eMobility Market Leader

CEZ selected Driivz™ to deliver the EV charging management system for the ČEZ electromobility network.

    CEZ Group
    EV charging and Energy Management
    • Network scalability and stability
    • Charger availability 24/7
    • Business flexibility
    • Future-proof EV charging network







CEZ Group is one of the leading economic entities in the Czech Republic, with activities in Western, Central, and South-eastern Europe. CEZ business encompasses the entire electricity value chain, from coal mining, through generation, distribution, trading, and sale of electricity and heat to the trading and sale of natural gas. CEZ Group is one of the 10 largest energy companies in Europe, with more than 7 million customers and almost 32,000 employees.

“While CEZ Group retains its leadership in the traditional energy industry, we continuously adapt to the new challenges of the 21st century, developing innovations to address increasing energy needs and contribute to a higher quality of life.

Therefore, becoming an active member in the emerging eMobility market was a logical step for us,” says Tomáš Chmelík, Head of the eMobility Department.

CEZ eMobility project

For a company previously not involved in eMobility but which has had long-term success with energy-related assets, establishing an EV charging infrastructure was a logical entry point. CEZ recognized very quickly that operating a nationwide network of EV charging stations should be the center of their eMobility business activities and a great starting point for further expansion within the eMobility value chain.

“Once we learned how to develop the charging network, we could address the growing market. We put our efforts toward expanding our network in terms of number of chargers and locations and available power as well. With the increase in street-based charging stations, it became obvious that our fast-growing network must be operated on a professional basis, fulfilling our customers’ needs and expectations and providing necessary tools for effective management from the CPO point of view.” Mr. Chmelík adds.



CEZ selected Driivz to deliver the EV charging management system for the entire ČEZ electromobility network. The platform was chosen for its reliability, flexibility, innovation, and global track record. It has been repeatedly proven in already mature eMobility markets.

Driivz is providing CEZ a comprehensive, end-to-end solution, including operations management, energy management, and a customer-facing mobile app.

In addition, Driivz has deployed an EV charging billing solution which provides CEZ with full rating and billing capabilities and is connected to their payment gateway (PayU).

“We are happy to rely on Driivz in our quest to address the challenging future of eMobility”

Tomáš Chmelík,
Head of the eMobility Department, CEZ Group


“To keep our position as an EV charging market leader in the Czech Republic, CEZ is using the Driivz solution, which has provided a stable platform on which we can build our products and offerings, creating a successful business. The Driivz technology gives us the capacity to flexibly cover various use cases, such as fleet operations and support of a combination of public, semi-public, and private charging. Its advanced functionalities create a powerful tool for us as a professional EV charging network operator.

Driivz technology reinforces the most critical aspects of running our business. They deliver operational excellence, ensuring complete scalability and stability across the entire infrastructure and charger availability 24/7. Business flexibility allows us to provide a variety of offerings. Furthermore, compliance with international protocols and their futureproof approach give us the opportunities to leverage EV technologies of today and tomorrow.

With our plans for further network expansion, including the creation of more complex charging sites, Driivz robust and reliable front- and back-end gives us the capacity to combine chargers with energy storage, operate charging hubs with multiple chargers on one site; and offer complex services and products for our fleet customers, regions and municipalities. We will be happy to rely on Driivz in our quest to address the challenging future of eMobility.” Mr. Chmelík adds.

CEZ Driivz mobile app

CEZ Driivz mobile app

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