CASE STUDY: Copec Voltex

Copec Voltex Focuses on Customer Loyalty with Driivz™ EV Charging Management Technology

Copec uses Driivz to maximize customer satisfaction by delivering a smooth charging experience every time

    Copec Voltex
    Energy, Gas & Oil
    EV charging Management
    • Enhanced customer satisfaction
    • Lower Total cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • Increased monetization
    • Improved ROI







Copec Voltex is the electric mobility subsidiary of Copec S.A., a leading energy and mobility company and one of the most trusted brands throughout Latin America and the Southeastern United States. Copec Voltex is building a nationwide EV charging network across Chile, including the largest fast-charging highway network. The company offers a comprehensive suite of energy services and EV charging for fleets, public transit, and private vehicles in locations such as gas stations, public spaces, private buildings, houses, retail, multi-dwelling units, and industrial locations, among others.

Company Challenges

Copec Voltex was one of the first eMobility service providers in Chile – and remains the largest and most advanced. They initially installed chargers at various points around Chile to serve early electric vehicle adopters. At that time, all the chargers were from the same manufacturer, so they were generally easy to manage and control.

“We observed the increase in EV charging adoption across many sectors – government, private vehicles, companies, and the like, and knew that we not only needed to respond but actually lead the change,” said Diego Andueza, B2C Project Manager at Copec Voltex.

Copec has been providing fuel services across Chile for more than 80 years, with a strong client-based focus. Each petrol station is manned, ensuring excellent service while building one-on-one customer relationships.

However, the EV charging experience is significantly different from fueling a car. No one would be onsite to explain how EV charging works or fix any problems in person– whether with the vehicle or the chargers. Copec needed a solution that would allow customers to easily manage their charging experience.

“In addition, we had no visibility into chargers’ status, and we couldn’t know if a charger needed to be fixed until someone called. That isn’t the kind of customer service we wanted to offer,” continued Diego.

Therefore, Copec needed a system that could manage and control all the different types of chargers they had and were going to be adding. They wanted to ensure all chargers are stable and available 24/7, to continuously meet EV drivers demands.



Driivz’ EV charging management solution ensures that Copec can provide a smooth charging experience to its customers while easily managing complexity on the backend.

Copec is increasing end-customer satisfaction with advanced EV driver self-service tools. They were the first to offer a driver self-service app that makes it easy to find and reserve chargers and pay for charging.

Charger stability and availability across the entire Copec eMobility network is assured with Driivz’ self-healing algorithms, which remotely repair more than 80 percent of operational issues before the customer or Copec are even aware of them.

When an issue does need to be resolved, Copec can easily investigate, track, and fix it. Completely scalable, the system supports continuous network growth and allows them to provision chargers automatically, further ensuring availability for their customers.

“Driivz has delivered a robust solution that has addressed our technology and business needs – and it’s clear that it will continue to do so as our requirements evolve”

Diego Andueza,
B2C Project Manager, Copec Voltex


“We studied many different software providers, and we decided to go with Driivz because it gave us a lot of confidence. Driivz has delivered a robust solution that has addressed our technology and business needs – and it’s clear that it will continue to do so as our requirements evolve,” said Diego. “the Driivz’ team has been a true partner; we call them with our latest needs, and they explain how we can best leverage the system to achieve them.”

Driivz delivers operational excellence and system flexibility which are key to lowering TCO, increasing monetization, and improving ROI. Most importantly, Driivz’ customer-centric solutions are increasing driver satisfaction- a priority for Copec.

With Driivz, Copec Voltex can accelerate its eMobility leadership while reinforcing its strong reputation in the market.

“Our long-term purpose is to make electromobility widespread and to continue accelerating the energy transition,” said Francisco Larrondo, General Manager of Copec Voltex. “We chose to migrate to the Driivz solution because of its futureproof technology and its ability to scale to support an increasing number of chargers serving an increasing number of customers.”

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