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Electric Vehicle Charging  Service Provider



-EV Charging Operations Management

-EV Charging Billing

-Driver Self-Service Branded Tools: App and portal

-Analytics Tool



– Up to 60% annual network growth

– Improved customer experience

– An exponential rise in the number of customers

– Increased service reliability

– Enables future business planning through analytics


ESB is the largest owner and operator of EV charge points in Ireland, founded in 2010. ESB is driven by a commitment to a net-zero future and a mission to support the decarbonization of transport. ESB owns and operates about 1,400 public charging points and offers innovative services across the island of Ireland. They also operate about 600 charge points in Great Britain. The company has approximately 100,000 customers and as part of their strategy guide to 2030, ESB aims to achieve a four-fold increase in the number of chargers.

Company Challenges

ESB first turned to Driivz in 2015 to help address the many challenges in building its EV charging infrastructure. They needed a provider with the expertise to meet their immediate needs as well as scale for future growth. “The challenges we faced back in 2015 are different from the challenges of 2022, which will be different from the challenges that lay ahead,” said John Byrne, head of EV Solutions at ESB. “The reliability of our network is of utmost importance to our customers and us.”

Because ESB operates in three jurisdictions, another challenge is to provide customers with a seamless, uniform feel and experience no matter where they use the network. They needed a solution that conducts charger fault diagnosis and repair to ensure that the chargers are in excellent working order. They required a platform that optimizes operational excellence, communications, and offers advanced technology and EV driver App.

ESB Driivz
ESB Driivz Case study


ESB’s search for a robust, scalable solution to fuel their growth led them to Driivz. Driivz’s end-to-end solution includes 24/7 real-time monitoring, and operational management of chargers along with a self-healing capability that enables remote and proactive issue resolution. The solution has the scalability ESB needs for continuous growth. The branded driver app is a key component of Driivz’s offering as a primary interface with the customer, allowing a seamless customer experience.

“Driivz has a record of unparalleled experience. The network uptime is now extremely high, and the data analytics provides top-end, raw data that enables us to plan our network better,” Byrne said. “Our branded customer app empowers customers to start and stop their charge and plan their journeys, all in one easy, accessible place. The app is a critical component of our technical offering. Also, Driivz’s billing engine is among the best in class in terms of reliability.”

“Driivz has proven to be very successful at scaling with us and catering to our unique requirements.”

John Byrne,

Head of EV Solutions at ESB


“Driivz has proven to be very successful at scaling with us and catering to our unique requirements. We’ve achieved 40-60% growth in networks every year and experienced an exponential rise in our number of chargers and customers as well as our volume of transactions,” said Byrne. “The adaptability and flexibility we get from the partnership with Driivz are essential. Driivz has an unparalleled experience on record in the uptime area.”

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