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CASE STUDY: Recharge

Driivz Empowers Recharge to Migrate 4,000 Chargers in Under Four Months





Charge Point Operator (CPO)



– EV Charging Operations Management

– EV Charging Billing

– OCPI-based eRoaming

– Asset Management



– A world class customer experience for EV charging

-Industry leading levels of charger availability

-Complete cutover of the entire network during a three-hour window with almost zero customer downtime

-Onboarding new roaming partners much faster and easier

-Supporting high volumes of transactions and roaming reconciliations


Recharge  are pioneers in the EV charging industry. The company operates a publicly accessible network of fast charging stations which they have built since 2011. Recharge is the biggest charging network for all kinds of electric cars in the Nordics, consisting of more than 4,000 charging points, of which 2,500 are in Norway. Each month, 300,000 charging sessions are made at Recharge’s charging stations. The company is owned by the British infrastructure investor Infracapital.

Company Challenges

Recharge needed a robust solution, which will enable them to achieve operational excellence and scalability as it grows its EV charging network. Following an extensive market research, Recharge migrated its network approximately 4,000 public EV charge points in Norway, Sweden and Finland to the Driivz platform.

Charging station a Recharge electric car charging station Driivz
Recharge electric car charger Driivz
Norway Driivz


The Driivz solution for Recharge includes integrated software modules for EV charge point operations, including real-time operator dashboards, self-healing algorithms for proactive issue resolution and asset management, and for EV billing operations, supporting multiple currencies, tariffs and payment methods. As a charge point operator open to all e-mobility service providers (EMSPs), Recharge leverages Driivz solution to set-up roaming connections with all its partners.

Innovative technologies such as real-time monitoring, alert notifications, and self-healing algorithms to address charger issues remotely and automatically, figured strongly in the selection of the Driivz platform. The proactive alerting as well as the operator dashboards enable Recharge to grow its network without significantly growing its operations staff, while ensuring network stability and availability.

In addition to supporting high volumes of transactions and roaming reconciliations, the billing system’s flexibility and support for variable tariffs and partner discounts was another deciding factor. Future proofing is ensured through Driivz’s support for industry standards, including operating a “golden node” for OCPP 2.0.1.

The vendor selection process, system integration, migration planning and execution were all supported by The Rechargers, a niche consulting firm specializing in EV charging management platform implementation and integration projects. “Our intense preparation in a very limited timeframe paid off: Working as one team – Driivz, Recharge and The Rechargers – managed to complete the cutover of the entire network during a three-hour window with almost zero customer downtime.” says Jeroen Gernay, founder of The Rechargers. “The system effortlessly handled 20,000 charging sessions on the first two days following the migration, exceeding the expected number of sessions and revenue from ad hoc customers. This quick cutover was crucial, considering the scale and the fact that the Recharge network is an essential part of the infrastructure in the Nordics.”

“Recharge is creating a world class customer experience for EV charging, and we have selected Driivz as our platform to help us get there.”

Håkon Vist,

CEO of Recharge


The Driivz Smart EV Charging and Energy Management Platform Delivers Reliability and Scalability to Power Recharge’s Essential Infrastructure Operations

“Recharge is creating a world class customer experience for EV charging, and we have selected Driivz as our platform to help us get there” said Håkon Vist, CEO of Recharge, noting that Norway is the world leader in EV adoption and use of public charging. “We are now able to manage a large-scale public charging network while achieving industry leading levels of charger availability, in the interest of our customers. On top of this improvement in operational excellence, we can now onboard new roaming partners much faster, making it even easier for them to access our network. All of this will help us make EV charging easy and available to everyone, which is how we deliver on our mission of driving change to a green and sustainable world.”

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