Driivz takes you to the clouds

While the Driivz solution can be deployed locally on your own system hardware, you also have the flexibility to take advantage of today’s advanced cloud-based computing environments. With Driivz-in-the-cloud, you’ll be able to integrate your operations into a secure environment that allows you to obtain real-time status information no matter where you are — even from your smartphone via our mobile app. Moreover, Driivz-in-the-cloud eliminates or minimizes any capital and infrastructure expenditure investments.

We start by ensuring the security of the Driivz platform itself. We then focus on three main areas of interest: securing your operational data, data in-flow, and data out-flow. ​By working with the world’s leading cloud-computing service providers, we ensure that only the data that is supposed to gets in or out.

The benefits of Driivz-in-the-cloud

It’s important to understand the wide range of benefits cloud computing provides when considering a cloud-based solution. Perhaps its greatest benefit is that it provides accessibility to the latest technology and all that it can offer.

  • Highly Cost Effective — cloud computing is probably the most cost-effective method to use, maintain and upgrade today’s latest technology.
  • Simple Software Integration​ — save on integration and customization efforts as cloud computing automates these often time-consuming and costly activities.
  • Massive Storage Availability  get almost unlimited storage capacity.
  • Easy Backup and Recovery​ — cloud computing makes the entire process of backup and recovery much simpler and faster, and uses fewer resources.
  • ​​24/7 Anywhere Access​ — you’ll have access to your entire Driivz platform from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Fast Go-To-Market — get the advantage of quick deployment. You’ll be able to manage and grow your business, and offer your customers new services that much quicker.