Build, manage and grow your e-mobility business

Driivz is managing the most innovative EV projects in the world. We are the managing backend of the largest V2G project in the UK and the largest network of EV stations in Europe for many good reasons: We provide every single answer for your business, customers and partners. Flexible and end-to-end, Driivz branded solutions are customized to your needs. Our state-of-the-art architecture complements every charger, EVSP’s customers, OEMS vehicle manufacturers and roaming providers. Our innovative approach reduces your operational costs and downtime while increasing your profitability. With us, you are able to create new and enhance existing business models and more: Our system offers unlimited flexibility when it comes to complementing your existing business, operation methodology, and your existing or future systems.

Our Driivz solution proposes a multi-pronged approach to reduce your CAPEX and OPEX costs. It starts with creating a cloud-based solution that requires little or no CAPEX investment, includes self-service, and automated tools for your station operators, technicians and customers. Each of these elements decreases your operational costs, while they improve performance and increase profitability.

  • Flexible and open platform: Driivz open-architecture design allows you to create the most cost-effective infrastructure for your needs: Driivz is able to integrate any type of hardware, and to create one seamlessly managed platform.

  • Secure cloud-based solution: Driivz gives you the power to grow as you go. Save on initial expenses that are generally associated with building a network and equipping it with the operational tools.

  • With our Driver Portal  you are able to reduce your operational costs by offering self-service tools. Improve your customers' overall satisfaction while your call center answers fewer calls which translates into reduced operational costs.

  • Our integrated, flexible billing system is made to fit your business model and is ready to interact with your existing systems without any further ado.

  • Driivz offers mobile on-the-go applications for drivers, operators, installers and technicians. Self-service tools allow everyone in your ecosystem to act self-sufficiently.

  • Our Operator Portal covers the needs of your Network Operation Center. It includes intelligent operational tools with remote troubleshooting and on-the-fly fixing capabilities. Charge stations have less offline time, remain consistently available and profitable, and there is less need for onsite intervention.

  • Proactive monitoring ensures stability of your assets through continuous background diagnostics that reduce downtime and increase profitability with our in depth reports.