What Is an eMobility Service Provider?

Posted By Driivz Team
3 February, 2022

An eMobility Service Provider (EMSP) offers EV charging services to EV drivers. They provide access to charge points within the EMSP’s network – or other networks via eRoaming.

What should eMobility Service Providers care about?

EMSPs need to care about network monetization, EV drivers’ freedom of choice, increasing driver satisfaction and loyalty, and the ability to support different customer requirements and EV charging behaviors.

A fully scalable, flexible billing and payments software that supports multiple pricing plans and tariffs, and real-time invoicing drives network monetization, increasing profitability. EMSPs need to ensure efficient and error-free billing cycles, processing data to bill for successful EV charging and eliminating transaction errors before they reach the customer.

EMSPs must support a variety of pricing models, including pre-paid, post-paid, ad hoc, group plans based on driver/station. They need to offer dynamic and static tariffs based on time of day, peak energy demands, etc.

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Pricing transparency is critical so EV owners can make informed decisions about their charging times and locations. EV drivers expect real-time billing data, with easy-to-understand, transparent bills, outlining prices, taxes, billing plans, and special offers.

EMSPs must offer EV drivers control of their charging experiences with customer self-service tools, preferably delivered via a branded EV charging mobile app.

Ease-of-use is a key; EV drivers require easy route planning to available chargers; reserve-ahead capabilities so they can reserve EV chargers where and when they need them; streamlined account and payment management; quick access to a customer service representative, etc.

EV Roaming gives drivers access to charging stations anywhere. The EMSP’s EV charging management platform needs to integrate to leading eRoaming platforms –, GIREVE, and Hubject – or support OCPI, to provide authorization, token synchronization and transaction exchange. To streamline communications, the EMSPs EV charging management platform must comply with international protocols.

How can EMSPs optimize their business?

EMSPs can optimize their business by offering EV charging services at scale while creating personalized experiences to increase satisfaction and loyalty. Business flexibility is essential to meet the needs of a variety of customers.

Driver analytics and real-time dashboards must be built-in to their systems, delivering insights about drivers, vehicles, energy consumption, and charging patterns. With insights into transactions and charging sessions, they can analyze driver behaviors to maximize the charging experience.

Furthermore, they should leverage the self-service app to collect voice of the customer data. These combined customer insights provide opportunities to develop future business models, strategies, and services focusing on strengthening customer loyalty.

EMSPs can further maximize their business opportunities by creating partnerships with auto manufacturers, utilities, and other industry partners.

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