EV Charging App

An EV charging app operates in much the same way as the commercial apps we use in our everyday lives. An EV charging app and web portal are user-friendly, self-service tools that empower the EV driver with full visibility and control of all EV charging functions. The app provides real-time, personalized information about EV charger locations and availability, and charging-related EV driver data, such as charging session reports, billing plans and transactions, and much more.

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An EV charging app enables EV drivers to seamlessly control and manage all their EV charging tasks – including searching and filtering the nearest charger locations, route planning and navigation, and charging session initiation – all in a single, all-in-one, mobile app or web portal.

It enables EV drivers to make informed decisions about where and when to charge. This is especially useful as more and more charging stations are being built every day around the world, and the rapidly growing number of EV drivers need to be assured they find a fully functioning, available charger that suits their individual needs.

Through an intuitive user interface, the app enables users to add a driver to an account, and provides real-time, detailed information on billing plans, billing transactions and payment method management. An EV charging app also provides information about which types of plugs or connectors the stations support, and include images, ratings and descriptions of the charging stations. It enables drivers to leave reviews about the stations, share tips and comments about the charging experience, and report charging issues – the equivalent of a Michelin rating system for the plug-in vehicle community.

An app also includes an advanced reservation capability enabling drivers to reserve a specific charger or time to ensure it is available upon arriving. It offers customizable notifications such as alerting drivers about when the charging session starts and stops, or if a charge fails to start and is typically accessible to both registered and unregistered users.

Why is it essential to provide an advanced EV charging app?

These self-service tools are a critical component of today’s EV landscape and will become an even more essential commodity as the EV industry grows. Car manufacturers are boldly committing to electrifying their lineup over the next few years, and governments are investing billions of dollars in capital EV-related investments. Environmentally aware consumers who want to reduce their carbon footprint are rushing to place their electric car orders. Today’s drivers are eager to support a greener future where EVs will become the standard form of transportation around the globe.

An app empowers eMobility service providers (EMSPs) and EV service providers (EVSPs) to accelerate EV charging business growth. A flexible, custom-branded application with the most advanced features available on the market drives customer satisfaction and loyalty, significantly boosting revenue and reducing churn.

A white-labeled web portal and EV charging app also enables EMSPs and EVSPs to gain a competitive edge and maximize the monetization of EV charging. They can leverage comprehensive data analytics about driver behavior and develop or adopt new features, promotions and billing plans accordingly.

A smart, seamless app provides EV users with convenient, personalized driver self-service tools, enabling them to easily manage their EV charging. By ensuring EV drivers stay connected, informed and fully charged, an exceptional seamless EV charging journey results in increased return usage and highly favorable brand perception.

An industry-leading app will provide the level of service and support that today’s consumers have grown to expect. With the right app, EV drivers can plug into a greener, better future.

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