What is Electric Vehicle Fleet Management?

Posted By Driivz Team
23 February, 2021

Electric vehicle fleet management is overseeing the charging needs of fleet drivers and electric vehicles as well as ensuring the charging infrastructure is optimized to fulfill those needs.

EV fleet management considers the big issues of fleet electrification and electric vehicle charging requirements. The volume of vehicles and distances traveled must be analyzed to determine the number of depot and/or “on the road” charge points required and the distance between them – whether owned and operated by the fleet owner, public charge points, or home-based charge points for lighter vehicles. This directly addresses the issue of range anxiety, ensuring vehicles have access to charge points when and where they need them, whether on the road or at the depot, so they can complete their missions.

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What should EV fleet operators care about?

Ideally, an EV fleet management solution will provide EV fleet operators a unified insights-driven view that will help them manage and optimize their EV fleet utilization and drivers’ satisfaction.

Therefore, EV fleet operators would consider focusing on these factors:

  • EV charging infrastructure operational excellence – Ensuring chargers’ reliability, stability, and availability, 24/7.
  • Self-service tools – EV fleet drivers need an easy way to make charging reservations – either at the depot or away, which is best delivered via a self-service app. Simultaneously, fleet managers need self-service tools to monitor and manage EV charging for the entire fleet.
  • Energy management via smart charging and smart energy management – Smart charging ensures that power is available to individual charge points and vehicles, while smart energy management balances power between the overall charging site – the depot – and the grid. Energy planning and management is especially critical for fleet depots, allowing drivers to charge and go on-demand.
  • EV Roaming – Longer-haul vehicles need to be able to charge anywhere, and eRoaming will allow them to charge at any site with a seamless experience.
  • Fleet monitoring – While traditional metrics still hold when managing an EV fleet – fleet utilization, average vehicle speed, etc. – EV fleet management has additional data to consider – charging behavior, charging station health, state of charge, energy consumption and charging session data – such as time and location. Real-time analytics support fleet managers in their business decision making processes.
  • Financial management – EV fleet management systems must consider not only the charging operations, but the financial issues as well. E.g.: EV fleet drivers charging at home need to be reimbursed for power usage. Roaming clearing for vehicles charging “away” needs to be addressed as well.

To summarize, an optimized EV fleet management solution will enable a successful fleet electrification and ensure an easy, smooth, stable, and predictable charging experience for both fleet drivers and operators.


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