What is Range Anxiety?

Posted By Driivz Team
27 June, 2021

Range anxiety is the electric vehicle owner’s fear that an EV’s battery does not have sufficient enough charge for the vehicle to reach its final destination or that a charge point won’t be available for charging “on the road.”

Why is addressing range anxiety essential to accelerate EV adoption?

Addressing range anxiety is critical to accelerate EV adoption, as consumers’ trust is critical – no matter where they travel, they will be able to find a convenient and reliable place to charge on the road.

While in the long-run, range anxiety will lessen with increased battery efficiency and expansion of national charge point networks, in the short run, it is still a major issue hindering adoption.

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What can eMobility service providers do to address drivers’ range anxiety?

 It may sound trivial that the most important thing is to ensure that the EV charging infrastructure operates as seamlessly as petrol stations do – but this is not always the case.

Network expansion, the complexity and combination of multiple types of chargers, EV-related software, and the various charging use-cases can cause major network stability issues for EV drivers who ”just want to charge their vehicles.”

EV charging network availability and reliability are critical to guaranteeing that when drivers do reach a charging station, all chargers will be in working order.

The best way to achieve this is using an EV charging and energy management platform that provides 360o visibility, delivering continuous insights about the entire charging network, drivers, and their vehicles. It’s essential to have a 24/7 automated alert management system that detects and proactively resolves issues in real time.

Ideally, the platform will provide full self-healing, ensuring that any issues are fixed automatically before the consumer or eMobility provider are aware that there were any problems. For problems that cannot be resolved automatically, built-in issue tracking and resolution is helpful.

In addition, providing easy-to-use, comprehensive EV driver self-service tools can directly address range anxiety. User-friendly apps that provide comprehensive real-time visibility about charger availability, let drivers plan their routes and reserve chargers in advance to reduce range anxiety before the journey begins. The app will also allow them to report any issues with the chargers, providing additional peace of mind.

Drivers can also use the app to receive detailed information on billing plans, transactions, and pricing. Clear pricing information allows them to decide when the best times to charge will be, as their potential arrival times may occur during peak demand hours, where charging is more expensive.

With complete control over their routes, reservations, and charging time decisions, EV drivers will be empowered to better manage their own EV charging experiences, significantly reducing range anxiety.

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