Orchestrating Smart Charging in Mass Deployment

OSCD – Orchestrating Smart Charging in Mass Deployment, is a project sponsored by the European Union. The aim is to enable mass EV deployment in the most economical way, while sustaining grid services and utilizing renewable energy by orchestrating smart charging, leading to reduced CO2 emissions.

Driivz is currently working with the Electric Mobility Europe on this special project to develop a strategy for low-emission mobility. With the steady surge of e-mobility, widespread charging is an essential component in Europe’s shift to a low-carbon economy. The Driivz EV Charging Management system serves as the technology base for several smart charging pilot projects in Europe.

Driivz is working to enable smart charging in close partnership with Elaadnl, the knowledge and innovation centre in the field of smart charging infrastructure in the Netherlands, and other European leaders in the EV industry.

The Driivz SmartChain technology, consisting of advanced energy management algorithms, is at the cornerstone of these projects. The plan combines an academic and operational approach, leading to innovative, disruptive and advanced practical solutions for a better EV charging environment and a balanced grid.

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