Driivz Joins EVRoaming Foundation

Posted By Driivz Team
2 March, 2022

Driivz, the leading global software supplier to EV operators and service providers, is proud to announce that it has joined the EVRoaming Foundation as a Full Contributor. Long a staunch supporter of the Foundation’s Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) protocol and offering the vast experience that comes from having the world’s largest OCPI-based implementations, Driivz looks forward to contributing to the growth and adoption of OCPI.

The objective of the EVRoaming Foundation is to facilitate roaming services for charging electric vehicles and provide transparent information to consumers about charging locations and prices, by use of its open and independent OCPI protocol. The ultimate goal is to allow any EV driver to charge at any charging station in the EU and across the world.

Driivz Support for OCPI

An initial adopter of the first OCPI technology, Driivz integrated the protocol into the earliest versions of its EV charging management platform. This has ensured that the more than 1 million EV drivers on the platform have access to charging facilities wherever they drive, thanks to EV roaming.

With broad adoption of standards and protocols such as OCPI, EV roaming can help overcome “charge anxiety” and accelerate the market for electric vehicles. The result is a seamless charging experience for EV drivers.

Today, the Driivz cloud-based, end-to-end EV Charging platform supports the OCPI version 2.2 protocol, the communications “handshake” that connects the software, hardware, and back-end systems of EV charging operators and e-mobility service providers. The protocol also supports exchange of reservations, charging session authorization, transaction details and tariffs, and billing for each session.

Driivz technology manages reconciliation and international clearance across participants, freeing up operators and service providers to negotiate their own peer-to-peer roaming agreements. OCPI 2.2 supports both peer-to-peer and network-to-network (hub) communications. OCPI 2.2 also supports smart charging capabilities, allowing an external energy manager such as the Driivz Smart Energy Management software module to interact with specific chargers on multiple networks.

About EVRoaming Foundation

The EVRoaming Foundation manages and maintains the OCPI protocol and ensures its free availability, to guarantee roaming according to open standards for any EV driver. Learn more at www.evroaming.org

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