Elaad and Driivz - open global EV charging standards

ElaadNL and Driivz join forces to promote open global EV charging standards

Posted By Driivz Team
14 November, 2018

Driivz and ElaadNL, the knowledge and innovation center in the field of Smart Charging infrastructure in the Netherlands, announced today that ElaadNL has successfully deployed a site-level EV (Electric Vehicle) charging energy management platform based on Driivz’ technology and energy management algorithms. The platform provides the infrastructure for testing at the 10th-anniversary edition of the ISO 15118 testing symposium and the OCPP2.0 Plugfest which opens tomorrow in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

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With the exponential growth in EV use worldwide, there is a growing need for a reliable, stable, and easy to use charging infrastructure. In addition, the mounting demand for energy and the increased burden on the existing electricity supply and grid require much greater emphasis on the ability to use clean energy, optimize and balance energy sources, and provide effective demand response. One of the most important factors to enable the expected growth in adoption of EVs is the availability of an effective, comprehensive, easy-to-use charging platform that is based on open standards.

The Driivz EV Charging Management platform is an end-to-end solution which spans charging operations, user & grid management, flexible billing capabilities, home, public & workplace charging, and driver self-service apps. It is fully compliant with OCPP 2.0 and ISO 15118: Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Communication Interface, for communication between EVs and the charging stations. The Driivz platform supports over 70 charger types to date.

OCPP 2.0 empowers the next level in Smart Charging by enabling flexible charging based on supply and demand balancing algorithms for optimal use of sustainable power and grid capacity. It also enables compliance with ISO 15118. ElaadNL and Driivz have been cooperating for several years already to enable the deployment of EV charging networks based on OCPP standards.

“ElaadNL is dedicated to enabling the e-mobility revolution and to promoting the use of clean energy”. Said Onoph Caron, Managing Director of ElaadNL. “We believe charging EV’s on a massive scale, in a sustainable way within the limits of the existing power grid, can only be done using Smart Charging based on open standards, and utilizing a comprehensive and effective charging management system.”

“Innovation is the cornerstone of our strategy” Said Doron Frenkel, CEO at Driivz. “We have been working with leading EV service providers for several years now to bring on the energy revolution through e-mobility. This latest innovation is an important step in the development of the EV charging ecosystem, enabling EV charging network operators to manage site-wide energy usage including renewable energy for ultimate flexibility.”

The cooperation provides the testbed for the global testing event held in The Netherlands on November 15 – 16 showcasing new EV Charging technologies in compliance with open charging standards.

For more information about the event: https://elaad.nl/en/global-ev-charging-test/

Download our press release here.

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