Mer Chooses Driivz to Power Transnational EV Charging Infrastructure

Posted By Driivz Team
19 September, 2021

Mer Chooses Driivz to Power Transnational EV Charging Infrastructure.

TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —Driivz, the leading end-to-end EV charging and smart energy management software platform, today announced that Mer is now standardizing on Driivz for all its electric vehicle charging infrastructure operations including the Nordic region and advancing to a full rollout. This decision follows a successful deployment of the Driivz platform for transnational EV charging operations management in the UK and Germany.

The Driivz platform is helping companies all over the world to quickly adopt electric vehicle charging to diversify their businesses and create new revenue streams, while reducing TCO, streamlining front- and back-office operations and ensuring smart energy management.


The Mer Group is the multinational EV charging business owned by Statkraft, Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy. Mer operates in Norway, Sweden, UK and Germany within both public charging network and charging solutions for private homes, multi homes, fleets, business and local authorities.

The company early set out one ambition: to become the best and most customer-oriented EV charging company. Following acquisitions and consolidation of EV charging networks around Europe, a need arose to centrally manage a diverse range of systems, equipment, country-specific standards (e.g.: Eichrecht) and transaction interfaces.

To address those needs, and better monetize and more efficiently manage their entire portfolio, Mer determined they needed a single system that could run all business transactions and operations across Europe.

Key requirements included support for functionalities specific to certain markets such as Germany and the UK, cross-border charging, energy management and billing, and the capability to integrate with Mer’s other existing advanced solutions where needed. Other important factors were a modular architecture that provides the flexibility to use different elements of the platform based on each region’s situation.

After a long evaluation process confirmed its capabilities, Mer selected Driivz as the industry’s most scalable, complete and mature EV charging management platform. The solution also provides multicurrency, multilanguage support with full internal roaming within Europe on standards-compliant networks. Self-healing capability ensures high levels of uptime at charging points and operational excellence.

“We wanted a future-proof, international EV charging solution that could serve our entire business areas,” said Mer CTO Camilla Moe. “After exhaustive evaluations and successful integrations and months of live use in Germany and the UK, we decided to move all our operations to the Driivz platform with a rollout across all regions. An optimized EV charging network across Europe is essential to achieving our mission to make the shift to sustainable e-mobility easy and accessible to European EV drivers, by offering innovative solutions and customer experiences.”

“Mer’s vision of linking EV charging to renewable energy sources is perfectly aligned with our own goals of helping create a more sustainable future and reduce CO2 emissions while providing their customers with a reliable, advanced, easy and convenient EV charging experience,” said Doron Frenkel, founder and CEO at Driivz.

About Mer
Mer is a European EV charging company owned by Statkraft – Europe’s largest renewable energy provider, with a clear ambition to become the best and most customer-oriented charging company.

Through Mer’s extensive experience with both renewable energy and electric mobility, Mer is combining the best of both worlds to power the shift towards electric mobility.

Mer’s mission is to make sustainable electric mobility easy and accessible for everyone. The company is present in Norway, Sweden, UK and Germany, and operates in both public charging networks and charging solutions for private homes, businesses, fleets and local authorities.

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