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OBE Power selects Driivz to empower its EV Charging Network Growth across the U.S. and LATAM

Posted By Driivz Team
14 December, 2021

OBE Power, a leading private network of smart, distributed electric vehicle chargers, selects Driivz end-to-end EV charging and smart energy management platform to strengthen its operational excellence and enable business flexibility and scalability across its EV charging network.

Miami-based OBE Power owns, operates and manages an integrated ecosystem of electric vehicle services for site hosts, EV drivers and related stakeholders. The company’s platform provides an owner-operated “Electric Vehicle Charging as a Service” (EV CaaS) business model for Host Customers and Charge Point Operators (CPOs), with software that enables cross-platform integration, fleet operations and Vehicle to Grid (V2G) connectivity. With a focus on convenient charging locations that promote the distributed Live/Work/Play/Learn sustainable urban lifestyle, its world-class customer base includes Miami-Dade County, Royal Caribbean, Related Group, Stiles Corp, REEF and more.

OBE Power was searching for an EV charging and smart energy management platform that could help achieve its vision to be a leading CPO in dense urban cities in the United States and Latin America, and to accelerate and power the transition over and beyond eMobility.

After an extensive evaluation, OBE Power selected Driivz because it is the industry’s most robust, scalable and proven EV charging platform.

Reducing TCO and maximizing network uptime are key requirements, and Driivz enables EV charging network operational excellence for OBE Power with real-time monitoring of charger status and remote self-healing that proactively resolves up to 80% of charger issues. To further help reduce TCO, the platform also provides smart energy management that optimizes electricity costs based on demand, a capability particularly critical to OBE Power, given its focus on urban centers.

For scalability, the technology-agnostic Driivz platform supports a growing number and different types of chargers and standards to help future-proof OBE Power’s charging network. Other scalability capabilities important to OBE Power’s plans to expand in LATAM include Driivz’s support for a growing number of countries and streamlined payments across borders with multiple currencies and languages.

The Driivz platform also delivers the business flexibility OBE Power needs for its diverse and growing charging ecosystem, with support for different use-cases, including fleet management, as well as multiple customer types and stakeholders.

OBE Power CTO Rogelio Achon

OBE Power CTO Rogelio Achon

“Using Driivz’s proven, well-established EV charging and energy management solution lets us focus on our core mission of enabling best-in-class services for our clients while keeping pace with the rapidly growing demand we are facing,” said Julia Wilkinson, CRO of OBE Power. “This partnership positions OBE Power to leapfrog the competition and deliver high customer satisfaction in the near term. Over the long term, we share a common vision of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) microgrids — using our network, the Driivz platform and EV batteries together with renewable energy sources to better the environment and increase environmental sustainability.”

“OBE Power has a clear and compelling vision with its pioneering EV CaaS business model and we share a goal of using EV batteries together with renewables for a more ecofriendly and sustainable future,” said Doron Frenkel, CEO of Driivz. “We are honored to be selected by OBE Power and given the privilege of helping manage their EV charging network across the United States and throughout Latin America.”

Learn more online about OBE Power, download the iOS App here, and the Android App here.

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