Driivz Range of EV Services

EV Roaming Capabilities — as the PEV market grows, the need for convenient charging becomes a necessity for your industry. Driivz robust EV roaming solution addresses this need - and keeps your customers loyal. Driivz provides both internal and external roaming:

Internal EV Roaming — built-in mechanisms that provide everything you need to enable roaming between service providers who use Driivz as their backend system. As an infrastructure provider (or station owner) who partners with various charge service providers, Driivz EV roaming capabilities enable you to service all of them.

External EV Roaming — the Driivz system is designed to communicate with mediating entities such as Global Roaming Service, or any other centralized entity within the standard out-of-network collaboration.

Leverage Your Existing Infrastructure  Driivz state-of-the-art open architecture and software design gives you the flexibility to pick and choose Driivz modules and integrate them with any other system of yours. You have the freedom to choose the most cost-effective solution for your business.

Easy, Open Communication — whether its an external call center, billing provider, installation and/or maintenance sub-contractor, marketing entity, or any other of your partners, Driivz provides them with specific tools for their task in your business - or you are able to integrate their system with yours.

Everyone in Your Ecosystem  — from fleets, hotels & resorts, office buildings, municipalities, shopping centers and commercial venues – either as partner or customer of your business, Driivz will provide you with tools to support their individual requirements.

Limitation-Free Open Platform — choose the hardware manufacturers and vendors you want to work with, and we’ll work in parallel with them to provide you with a best-of-breed solution.