Build and create your own pricing and business models any way you like

Driivz comprehensive, scalable, flexible billing system, is designed specifically for the EV charging industry, based on years of experience and with the customer in mind. It addresses every aspect of your billing operations. 

The Driivz platform allows you to define, view, and manage driver plans, is fully customizable and designed to fit your business model, your billing structure, and your operational style.

Streamline billing operations, maximize billed transactions, increase profitability and reduce costs with the most comprehensive EV charging billing solution. 

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The Driivz platform features:

  • Flexible, robust billing engine, designed for the EV industry - integrated into every aspect of the platform and includes tariff flexibility with variable pricing, multiple plan support per account, contract-based payment and payouts with multiple termination behaviors, free units support, revenue sharing models, online/offline taxation support and many other features. It allows operators to support virtually any billing model.
  • Easy access to detailed billing information - All billing information in one place, at your fingertips. Easy one-click navigation enables drill down to driver level, charger, or transaction level, right from every relevant section of the operator portal.
  • Robust billing analytics - Ability to automatically clean corrupted billing data by a set of predetermined parameters, resulting in lowered operational costs, reduced billing errors, higher revenue and less billing complaints from drivers.

Among the features you can count on you will also find:

Diverse range of business models

price per station, single pricing for groups of stations, membership plans etc.

Multiple plan support

variable prices based on many variables such as: time of day, price per hour, price per kWh, price per transaction, customer types or groups etc.

Variety of service fee options

reservations, penalties, maximum and minimum charge limits, RFID cards, membership options (e. g. ad–hoc, monthly).

Cost factoring

suggestions for the best price plans and deals for your customers.

Convenient payment options

automated processing, credit cards, partial, pre–paid and post–paid plans.

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