Offer the most advanced features through a custom-branded application which will increase your EV drivers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

  • White-labelled online portal and driver app
  • Real-time charger location and availability
  • Charger point of interest
  • Reserve-ahead capability
  • Route planning & navigation
  • Detailed information on billing plans and transactions 
  • Payment methods management 
  • Downloadable on App Store and Google Play
  • Support for QR codes

With our all-in-one and intelligent self-service tools your drivers will gain control over their EV charging experience.

    Provide a seamless and intuitive user interface to manage driver profile, notifications, account members and vehicles
    Boost app downloads and enable drivers to plan their route, reserve a charger, pay or report an issue
    Apply your company branding, providing simplicity and familiarity for your customers
    Allow easy access to real-time insights on charging history, transactions, account information, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

An EV charging app is a mobile application which lets EV drivers take control over their EV charging experience. Using the app, EV drivers can get real-time information about chargers’ location and availability, plan their route and navigate to a charger, reserve a charger, find charger point of interest and get access to updated information on billing plans and charging transactions.

A user-friendly, self-service, white-labelled mobile app or online portal enables EV charging industry players to differentiate their value proposition by customizing the tools to their company’s “Look and feel”, to build relationships with EV drivers and to increase customer loyalty.

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