The Driivz™ smart energy management system supports the increasing demand for energy that EVs create by overcoming local grid capacity and balancing demand throughout the day.  

SmartChain™ Energy Management

  • Dynamic energy distribution to and from the grid
  • Visual topology display of energy utilization
  • Campus power needs Included in energy plan
  • Advanced energy management algorithms
  • Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) support
  • Integration with demand response systems
  • Support for integration with the flexibility market

Use our smart energy management solution to optimize your EV charging infrastructure by efficiently monitoring, managing and adjusting energy consumption, providing optimal demand response.

    Smart utilization of locally generated renewable energy resources, battery storage and the grid
    Leverage smart charging to optimize energy consumption and avoid costly infrastructure upgrades
    Industry-leading support for V2G communications according to global EV charging standards, including OCPP 2.0.1 and ISO 15118
    Near real-time load management for single chargers, sites and complete campuses

Frequently Asked Questions

By controlling and shifting the energy load, EV charging Energy Management plays a key role on EV side to optimize energy cost and usage, and on grid side to contribute to the grid balance. With the exponential growth of EVs, EV energy management is a must for charge point operators to optimize the utilization and profitability of their EV charging infrastructure.

The power grid may have limited capacity when supporting the additional energy required for electric vehicle charging. EV Charging Energy management is essential to reliably charge EVs using innovative technology that ensures the safe delivery of power to electric vehicles without compromising the grid.

Using smart algorithms to distribute the load, Smart Energy management for EV charging enables charge point operators to monitor, manage, and adjust energy consumption, while ensuring EVs are charged when they need it. The solution allows to integrate energy from renewable energy sources and/or local battery storage to save money and supplement the grid.

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