Maximize all available energy sources; reduce TCO and avoid adding costly infrastructure.

EVs are adding demanding new challenges to the grid. The Driivz platform empowers you to meet these challenges. Driivz is already providing innovative solutions in this space.

The Driivz EV charging management platform enables you to aggregate and control your EV charging loads to ensure an efficient and balanced grid, maintaining consistency of supply minimizing concerns about energy shortages.

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The Driivz EV Charging management system helps you cope with:

  • Supporting the growing power demand of EVs while coping with the current grid.
  • How to best utilize additional components such as renewable energy sources and batteries.
  • Harnessing the energy resources of EVs to support back the grid (V2G and ISO 15118).
  • Meeting demand response

How can it all be managed?

Driivz offers an energy management module that consists of advanced energy management algorithms and demand response. It performs near real-time (software only) live load balancing for single chargers, sites with multiple chargers, and complete campuses spanning multiple sites. Monitor, manage, and adjust energy consumption and provide optimal demand response. Smart charging capabilities allow drivers and operators to manually control the level of power supplied by chargers. Energy utilization is visually displayed and adjusted according to EV and site requirements. Additional features include:

  • The Driivz platform offers “Plug-n-charge” capabilities to improve the charging experience and avoid the need to use an RFID card.
  • Smart charging & ISO 15118 compatibility: Driivz is the first to successfully support OCPP 2.0 with full ISO 15118 negotiation for V2G support, which seamlessly integrates information such as the energy requirement and the time of departure of the driver as well as the vehicle capabilities. This solution was showcased in the 2018 OCA Plugfest is Arnhem, Netherlands (See Driivz press release).
  • Smart Demand response: The load balancer has a generic and highly flexible and configurable algorithm that manages demand response events (lowering consumption when there is grid congestion or when the price is too high) and V2G (discharging). The solution also accounts for energy supplied from renewable sources and local storage.

Driivz Energy Management engines know how to manage parking space energy profiles. The platform recognizes the building’s needs, the non EV energy consumption, the level of power received from the grid, the availability of renewable energy resources and batteries. All based on a variety of interfaces and open protocols.

In parallel, the platform identifies the requirements of the vehicle/driver, the state of charge, the drivers billing plans and priorities. Accordingly, smart algorithms allocate power to the various vehicles in the most effective way, taking into account the driver’s needs, available resources and the campus power demand.

Enjoy these advanced energy management features, and more:

  • Basic Power Management controlling the power level of a charger or group of chargers
  • Active Monitoring of the energy sources capacity and the charging stations’ activity, responding to incoming vehicles and proactively allocating the allowed energy consumption on all grid components and consumers.
  • Visual topology display of energy utilization which can be controlled and adjusted according to EV and site requirements.
  • Dynamic energy distribution among the grid, renewable energy sources, charging stations, battery storage and all other elements in the site.

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