• Huge array of parameters offers extreme flexibility to create competitive tariffs, plans, and products.
  • Stay on top of charging transactions and revenue with analytics, dashboards and a variety of reports.
  • Monthly billing reports segmented by business partner enable accurate billing cycles for simple and robust monthly settlement.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with most industry-standard payment gateways for simple payment processing.
  • Provide drivers and business partners white-labelled invoices directly. No need for external payment platforms.
  • Hassle-free public charging for fleet drivers.
  • Support OEMs with no-pay plans that boost EV sales.
  • Supports multiple currencies and country-specific tax requirements for cross-border networks.
  • Fight EV charging fraud with country-specific credit card pre-authorization amounts .
  • Support drivers with real-time rating that lets them charge when energy prices are low.

An all-encompassing billing system for large-scale international EV charging networks

    Attract drivers with tailored tariffs, plans, products, and promotions built with the most extensive list of parameters available today.
    Separate billing reports per host or roaming network enables simple and error-free monthly settlement with all business partners.
    Integrate with most payment gateways for easy payment handling and white-labelled invoices delivered directly through the platform.
    Make public EV charging easy for fleet drivers, and help OEMs bundle free charging to help drive EV sales.

The Decision Maker’s Guide To Selecting An Electric Vehicle Charging Management Platform

  • Understand the challenges facing EV charging industry players
  • Learn about the capabilities that an EV charging management platform needs to overcome them
  • Consider different approaches to implementation

Frequently Asked Questions

EV charging billing is the process by which EV charging providers monetize their charging networks. With flexible pricing options, service providers can offer a variety of plans for EV charging based on factors like charging speed (kW), energy (per kWh), time (per minute), time of day and more. They can also include fixed charges like flat fees, transaction fees and parking fees. EV charging billing also encompasses how drivers pay for charging sessions including credit cards, debit cards, pre-payment, immediate payment, and monthly post payment.​

An EV charging billing solution manages all aspects of billing operations, including pricing, payment processing, invoicing, reporting and analytics, and settlement with multiple business partners such as hosts or service providers roaming on the network. By offering flexibility in each of these domains, the solution gives service providers tools to formulate a variety of business models and compete in the market. To support cross-border networks, the solution should also support multiple currencies and country-specific tax management. ​

There are two aspects to optimizing EV charging billing. The first involves giving service providers a large number of parameters to work with, giving them extreme flexibility to offer various pricing plans, and incentives such as coupons or discounted charging. The second aspect is about streamlining work with businesses and eRoaming partners by enabling easy, error free monthly settlement. Flexible and streamlined EV charging billing is key to maximizing revenue, maintaining great partnerships, and ultimately, improving ROI.​

For error-free flexible billing, and robust monthly settlement,

speak with one of our EV charging experts to see how we can address your EV charging billing needs.​


The Decision Maker’s Guide to Selecting an EV Charging Management Platform