Our scalable EV charging billing system has been designed specifically for EV charging networks to address every aspect of your billing operations.  

  • Multiple EV billing tariffs and plans are supported, including pre-paid, post-paid, etc.
  • Real-time rating 
  • Dynamic and static cost factoring 
  • Pay-outs and invoicing 
  • Supports extensive business models, including OEM, Host, etc. 
  • Allows complex reconciliation between partners in the ecosystem 
  • Support for multiple currencies 
  • Flexible tax management
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways
  • Reporting and dashboards 

An all-encompassing billing system for large-scale international EV charging networks

    Generate additional revenue streams using our advanced tools to streamline the EV billing process and ensure an efficient, error-free billing cycle
    Manage multiple EV billing plans that cater to your business needs and easily adjust them based on peak charging times and cost of energy
    Access valuable billing-oriented analytics and driver patterns data, helping you to offer new and improved plans for your customers and business partners
    Integrate settlements between different parties in the ecosystem into your EV charging network offering

Frequently Asked Questions

EV billing is basically the way EV charging providers earn revenue and monetize EV charging. EV charging providers can define various pricing plans for EV charging, including flexible pricing based on factors such as time of day, KWh, per minute (or as a combination of both), and charging speed. Once the EV charging session ends, EV owners are charged for their charging session via credit cards, debit cards, prepaid, or postpaid.

The EV billing module of EV charging management software addresses every aspect of your billing operations. The solution should support different business models, enable various pricing plans, and handle multiple payment schemes such as prepaid and pay-per-use and payment gateways. It should also support settlement between multiple parties, including business partners and EV roaming providers. Multinational charge point operators will need support for multiple currencies along with flexible tax management.

Optimized EV billing requires flexibility which will allow EV charging providers to offer multiple pricing plans, offer incentives such as coupons for free or discounted charging, to support eRoaming and deliver error-free data and invoicing. Comprehensive system flexibility is key to increasing monetization, maximizing customer satisfaction and improving ROI.

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