Meeting the Demands and Challenges of the EV Market

Are you thinking about setting up a new EV charging infrastructure or migrating an existing one?

The cloud-based Driivz EV Charging Management platform provides everything you need to manage and control every aspect of your charging network. Our comprehensive, yet modular and configurable system is highly scalable, grows with your business, and can be deployed with small networks up to mega-deployments.

Some of the world’s largest EV Service Providers are already using Driivz to manage their operations; our platform is used by more than 300,000 drivers; and we support more than 80 different types of charging stations.

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System Components and Features

  • Manage all operational aspects of your charging infrastructure, including chargers, drivers, energy usage and more.
  • Web-based operator portal and configurable dashboards enable real-time network monitoring, control, and management.
  • Proactive problem resolution, based on an extensive alert management system and troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Self-healing algorithms proactively resolve up 70% of issues remotely, without operator intervention.
  • Mobile on-the-go applications and web portal allow drivers to manage all aspects of their accounts, including transactions, billing, and memberships.
  • Drivers see where chargers are, availability and status in real-time, as well as all information about connector types and tariffs.
  • Advanced charger reservations.
  • Issue reporting in real-time.
  • Driver Self-Service apps can be white-labeled for customized branding
  • Designed specifically for the EV industry. Supports small to very large scale billing operations.
  • Easily define, view, and manage tariffs and plans with variety of attributes.
  • Create your own pricing and business models any way you want.
  • Easy access to detailed billing information all in one place.
  • Reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction through automated payment and billing functions.
  • Automated billing data cleansing and processing.
  • Easily integrate with third party systems as needed.
  • Configurable web portals for all ecosystem stakeholders including fleet managers, building/facility managers, charger hosts/owners, charger vendors and others.
  • Tools to enable management of all operational aspects of the charging infrastructure including chargers, drivers, transactions, energy usage and more.
  • Ensure Stable EV charging, monitor and manage activity, support your fleet scenario whether your drivers charge at home, depot, in public charges or even mixed scenarios
  • View, control, and manage charging activity, account access, personal usage and more.
  • Monitor downtime, analyze charging and usage trends, identify charging issues with real-time alerts, optimize operations and reduce operational costs.
  • Gain valuable insights into your network and processes via our powerful analytic modules and extensive reports.
  • Track user behavior to perform A/B testing of your business offerings and track subscribers and guest customers.
  • Example reports include:
  • Chargers & Usage
  • Drivers
  • Issues
  • Transactions
  • Billing
  • Maintenance
  • …and more
  • View a graphical display the energy flow according to EV and site requirements. Easily manage and balance demand.
  • Advanced algorithms allocate available power to vehicles in the best effective way, taking into account the driver’s needs, the available resources and the campus power demand.
  • Smart Demand response using a configurable algorithm.
  • “Plug-n-charge” capabilities to improve the charging experience and avoid the need to use an RFID card.
  • Smart charging & ISO 15118 compatibility providing a variety of options to increase the power feed at station, site, or even city level.

Additional Services

Additional services designed to cover all your operational needs, including, but not limited to: Operational Notifications Service; enhanced Issue Management Service/CRM; Roaming; Host management; Operator Dashboards service; Advanced Analytics Service and more.

Our robust, comprehensive, and easy-to-use platform provides you with peace of mind, through:


Ensure driver satisfaction and lower TCO (total cost of operations) with a comprehensive yet modular end-to-end EV charging management system that makes sure your customers can charge wherever and whenever they need. With Driivz, you can view, manage and maintain every aspect of your network to ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently. In addition, you can repair and maintain chargers faster and cheaper: Identify charger issues as they occur and activate self-healing capabilities for rapid remote problem resolution.


Your system must work for you. The Driivz platform is customizable and designed to fit your business model, your billing structure, and your operational style. We made it modular so you get only the components you need, and you can add as your needs change. Moreover, it’s open so you can decide what hardware is right for you: our platform is OCPP compliant and already supports more than 80 different charger types. Finally, it includes tools to integrate with virtually any 3rd party system.


Whether you have tens of charging stations or tens of thousands of charging sockets; running just a few sites or a mega-network, or planning vast expansion in the future, the

Driivz platform grows with your business. And with our vast experience managing some of the largest EV Charging network migrations in the world, we can help you build a best-in-class network.


The EV charging market is dynamic and so is your network. The Driivz platform has the tools and capabilities you need to manage today’s EV charging needs and to prepare you for the future. This means you don’t have to worry about going through a costly migration when new EV models are introduced or charging technologies change. The system enables you to monitor energy usage, manage the limitations of the current grid, and leverage stored energy from renewable sources and even V2G (Vehicle to Grid). It also allows operators to adjust energy consumption and provide optimal demand response.

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