Ensure Stable EV charging, monitor and manage activity with the EV fleet portal, support your fleet scenario whether your driver charges at home, depot, at public facilities, as well as mixed scenarios.

The Driivz platform has all you need to support the demands of fleet EV charging management: a robust solution provides a portal to monitor, manage and view EV charging activities, billing and analytics tools, portals and apps for your drivers, and much more. All in a user-friendly and easy-to-use cloud-based software solution. And since your needs change at the pace of the EV industry, Driivz Fleet Management is designed to support your current and future business requirements with maximum flexibility and advanced integration tools. 

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Solution features

The Driivz cloud-based solution includes many unique features giving fleet managers total control of EV charging for fleet vehicles, including workplace charging, at-home charging rebates, comprehensive reports about charging patterns and more. Tailored portals are also available for the entire ecosystem, including property managers, parking lot owners, OEMs and others.

Easily view, control and, manage your fleet, enabling increased utilization and optimized charging:

  • Identify usage patterns.
  • Manage account access.
  • Control personal usage and all integrated internal data.
  • Understand downtime, monitoring and comparison of usage (e.g. between drivers and vehicles).
  • Pinpoint charging problems with real-time alerts, and resolve them quickly and cost effectively.
  • Quickly identify locations where vehicles are stationary for prolonged periods.
  • Gather detailed reporting and analytics. Analyze Fleet behavior
  • Support variety of fleet scenarios – Depot charge, mixed usage, home
  • Keep your operations running smoothly
  • Apply advanced power management algorithms to maximize cost savings

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