Driivz™ enables you to manage every aspect of your EV charging management operations. Our reports and analytics-driven insights empower decision-makers as well as technical leads to make the most efficient business and operational decisions.

  • Visual insight-driven operator dashboards
  • Comprehensive charger and driver management
  • Automated alert management system
  • Proactive problem resolution powered by self-healing algorithms
  • Industry-specific billing operations management
  • Efficient host management
  • Comprehensive charger and protocol support
  • Guided problem resolution
  • Click-to-fix

Use our scalable, cloud-based platform to build or migrate your EV charging network, enabling you to streamline your operations and increase customer satisfaction.

    Identify charger issues as they occur and leverage self-healing capabilities for proactive remote problem resolution
    Deploy large scale networks and perform global migrations within weeks
    Industry-leading support for vehicle-to-grid communications within global EV charging standards, incl.: OCPP 2.0.1, openADR 2.0 and ISO 15118
    24/7 automated issue detection and self-healing algorithms address up to 80% of operational problems

Frequently Asked Questions

The operations management module of EV charging management software provides the tools needed to continuously monitor EV charging networks and provide real-time alerts and notifications. Advanced features include insights-driven dashboards as a way to capture, visualize and analyze operational data to continuously optimize operations. It also offers tools to automatically diagnose issues and proactively fix problems remotely which maximizes network availability and stability.

EV Charging Operations optimization is achieved by effectively and efficiently managing every aspect of EV charging network operations, using capabilities such as insights-driven dashboards for both business and technical decision makers, comprehensive management of drivers and chargers, and real-time alerts and notifications. Self-healing algorithms will enable you to resolve issues remotely proactively and automatically. Support of multiple charger types as well as complying with industry standards and protocols will streamline operations.

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