Driivz Platform

Driivz presents the most comprehensive, end-to-end EV charging management platform for the entire ecosystem on the global market. Our solution is designed to support a heterogeneous charging station environment. And since we know that your customers are at the core of your business, we’ve created a number of interfaces for your EV drivers as well.


Driver Portal

The Driivz Driver Portal is a self-service portal for EVSPs that manage a large number of drivers. The portal reduces operational costs, is efficient and improves your level of service by enabling drivers to manage their accounts.

Operator Portal

Driivz Operator Portal offers comprehensive, easy-to-read, real-time views per station and socket (charge point), as well as fault management tools that facilitate fast and effective issue resolution.

Mobile Applications

The Driivz-on-the-Go mobile applications for Android and iOS provide easy 24/7 access for your operators, automated technical support and are the perfect companion for your drivers.