Driver Portal

The Driivz Driver Portal is tailor-made for your PEV drivers. Our easy to use, self-service tools allow your customers to take care of everything related to their PEV charging, 24/7 and without the need for call center intervention. The Driivz Driver Portal supports you to convert web clicks into new customers.



Selection of Price Plans — your customers can select the most suitable price plans for their needs and lifestyles.

e-Wallet Management — with a single e-Wallet, multiple drivers of the same family can charge their PEVs with either an RFID card or key, or mobile apps.

Account Management — allows drivers to manage large parts of their private and business accounts.

Comprehensive Navigation — step-by-step navigation guides drivers to the nearest and most relevant charging stations. This functionality can be easily merged with various GPS systems.

Powerful Search Filters — advanced search filters locate the next available station based on vehicle connectivity type, location and other filters.

Enhanced Travel Experience— useful information about the traveled area, such as traffic updates, points of interest, events, shopping and much more.

Convenient Planning Tools — enables drivers to plan, schedule and reserve suitable EV charging spots throughout their journey.

Insightful Reporting — drivers stay informed with comprehensive and easy-to-read usage statistics, reports and dashboards, including for GHG (Green House Gas) tax credits, usage and statistics.

Personalized Alerts and Notifications — drivers define when they want to receive notifications via email, SMS or mobile apps.

Extensive Station Information — in real-time, including availability, cost, reservation information, power options and the current status.