Flexible Billing

Driivz Billing (BL) is our comprehensive, telco-grade, flexible billing system that seamlessly integrates into your Driivz solution. It addresses every aspect of your billing cycle: through automated payment and billing functions, you are able to optimize your business performance and enhance your customer’s satisfaction.

Driivz EV Charging Billing Highlights


Multiple plan support - variable prices depending on time and week, and/or: price per hour, price per kWh, price per transaction & diverse price packages based on customer types or groups

Cost factoring - suggestions for the best price plans and deals for your customers

Convenient payment options - automated processing, credit cards, partial, pre-paid and post-paid payments

Diverse range of business models - price per station, single pricing for groups of stations, membership plans

Invoicing​ - automated invoicing, delivery method: email or PDF

Additional service fees - ​​reservations, penalties, maximum and minimum charge limits, RFID cards, membership options (ad-hoc, monthly)

Club membership - managing the customer's club benefits on the go