Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have become a must-have for most businesses and in particular for the PEV industry: mobile apps are the perfect partners for drivers and operators. Driivz’ Mobile Applications are easy to use, sophisticated, and tailor-made for the PEV market ensuring minimal clicks and user intervention to accomplish a task.


Driivz Driver Mobile Application (DMA)

Driivz DMA is a mobile application that is designed to support the drivers in their daily routine. With no more than a few clicks, drivers can look up stations, locate them and start or stop charging their electric vehicles.


Driivz Operator Mobile Application (OMA) 

Driivz OMA allows your operators and staff to be always on-call. Our complete set of tools for remote access reduces your operational costs and improves your employees' satisfaction. Detailed dashboards provide comprehensive overviews of the operations, predefined notifications alert you about potential issues, and flexible communication options allow you to receive alerts by email, SMS or via app.


Driivz Onsite Technician Application (OTA)

With the Onsite Technician App, your technicians no longer require intervention from your call center. Your technicians have the information at their fingertips. Automated tools allow adding serial numbers, run acceptance test plans and communication via messages and notifications.