EV Services Provider Portal

Manage and monitor your EV charging stations with a few clicks! Comprehensive, easy-to-read, real-time views per station and socket (charge point) facilitate fast and effective issue resolution, and in many cases problem resolution without intervention.

The EV Services Provider Operator Portal Highlights


Station Management — inventory management, logistics, planning, installation, finding and monitoring; remote upgrade, extensive real-time status detail, and the ability to perform various proactive, real-time station operations.

Extensive Station Information — real-time bird's-eye view for availability, cost, reservation information, power and current status.

Powerful Search Filters — advanced search filters allow drivers to locate the right station based on their vehicle connectivity type, location and other filters.

Insightful Reporting — drivers can stay informed with comprehensive and easy-to-read usage statistics, reports and dashboards.

Grid management & Smart Chain — Advanced online and offline optimization for grid usage and availability within the regional or grouped power management. Smart V2G (vehicle to grid) allows increasing power feeds at charge stations or charge parking spots.

Issue tracking & CRM — structured issue tracking and customer relation management to maintain the highest service level.

User Management — as a EV service provider or station operator you are able to designate authorizations in order to manage and control your employees' access levels.

Driver Account Management — allows your customers to manage both their business and personal accounts including RFID cards, price plans, settings, notifications and much more.

Account Management — operators can manage user accounts of drivers, operators, station owners, organizations and others.

Personalized Alerts and Notifications — drivers define exactly when they want to receive a notification via email, SMS or mobile apps.

e-Wallet Management — with one single e-Wallet, multiple drivers in the same family can charge their PEVs with either their RFID card or key, or a mobile app.

Selection of Price Plans — your customers can select the most suitable price plans for their needs and lifestyles.

Comprehensive Navigation — step-by-step navigation guides drivers to the nearest and most relevant charging station; we can easily merge this option with the car's or driver's GPS systems.