Solution paper – SmartChain™ Energy Management

Posted By Driivz Team
3 February, 2020

According to GTM Research, the growth in electric vehicle sales worldwide is expected to boost demand for charging points, with up to 40 million installed by 2030. McKinsey Research believes that unmanaged, substation peak-load increases from EV-charging power demand will eventually push local transformers beyond their capacity, requiring expensive infrastructure upgrades.

The Driivz SmartChain™ Energy Manager plays a critical role in reliably charging EVs using intelligence that ensures the safe delivery of power to electric vehicles without compromising on delivering electricity to offices and homes.

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In our SmartChain™ Energy Management Solution paper, you will discover:

  • Why do you need smart EV charging?
  • How Driivz can help you overcome local grid capacity
  • Balancing response and demand
  • How the Driivz SmartChain Energy Manager works
  • Additional features to help manage your energy
  • The future: EVs for energy storage




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