Whether you are looking to improve the operations of your current charging network, migrate and upgrade your system, or build a brand-new charging network, Driivz has the management platform to fit your needs.

With the growing demand for EVs, comes the need for EV Services Providers to provide reliable and innovative infrastructure to serve this rapidly expanding market, efficiently and profitably.

Driivz offers comprehensive, robust and modular solutions to ensure a seamless charging experience for your customers. 

With the technology and expertise to help you manage, develop and grow your charging network, we offer white label solutions that can be custom-made to reflect your brand and reinforce your market position.

The Driivz cloud-based platform spans EV operations, grid and user management, home, public and workplace charging management, advanced billing, and driver self-service apps. The Driivz platform is modular, role- based, and fully customizable to fit any business model. It supports more than 80 charger types, multiple tariff plan options, and can effectively integrate with any third- party System.

Benefits you can count on:


Our comprehensive, stable and secure end-to-end EV Charging Management platform lets customers charge wherever and whenever they need while you can view, manage and maintain every aspect of your network. Smoother operations, lower TCO, less maintenance, advanced billing capabilities and remote repair capabilities are only some of the benefits you can realize.


The customizable Driivz platform is designed to fit your business model, billing structure, and operational style. It’s modular for easy expansion. Moreover, it’s open so you can decide what hardware is right for you. Our platform is OCPP compliant and already supports more than 80 different charger types and can integrate with almost any 3rd party system.


Grow as you need: whether you have tens of charging stations or tens of thousands; if you run a few sites or a mega-network or are planning an expansion, the Driivz platform grows with your business. Our vast experience managing some of the largest EV charging network migrations in the world, equips us to help you build a best-in-class network.


The EV charging market is changing rapidly. The Driivz platform has the tools and capabilities you need to manage today’s dynamic EV charging needs and to prepare for the future: eliminate concerns about a costly migration for new EV models or when charging technologies change. The system enables you to monitor energy usage, manage the limitations of the current grid, and leverage stored energy from renewable sources and even V2G.

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