Looking to control emissions, create a cleaner, smarter city, meet ambitious global climate action goals, or simply establish a new income source?

Driivz can help you make this a reality through the use of electric vehicles. The Driivz EV Charging Management platform empowers you to embrace the universal adoption of electric vehicles by deploying robust and future-proof EV charging infrastructure.

We can help you:

  • Meet regional sustainability goals
  • Stimulate the local economy and create more jobs
  • Improve property values
  • Attract residents

The Driivz cloud-based EV Charging Management system spans EV operations, grid and user management; home, public and workplace charging management; advanced billing, and driver self-service apps. The Driivz system is modular, role-based, and fully customizable to fit any business model. It supports more than 80 charger types, multiple tariff plan options, and can effectively integrate with any third- party system.

Benefits you can count on:


The Driivz EV Charging Management platform provides the most stable, comprehensive and effective solution for charging management and energy balancing. With comprehensive charger operations management capabilities and self-healing technology, we can help you develop strategies to meet your region’s priorities by creating a dependable and robust EV charging environment meeting the needs of the continuously expanding fleet of public and private EVs.


Accelerate your electric mobility development by partnering with Driivz to deploy a community-wide EV charging infrastructure, including charging stations for private, public and fleet charging. With Driivz as the vital link between cities, utilities, car makers, regional authorities, and EV infrastructure companies, you are empowered to develop a seamless ecosystem of clean energy utilization. And with our modular and customizable design, you can tailor-fit the system to match your needs.


Grow as you need: whether you have tens of charging stations or tens of thousands; if you run a few sites or a mega-network or are planning an expansion, the Driivz system grows with you. Our vast experience managing some of the largest EV charging network migrations in the world, equips us to help you build a best-in-class network.


Driivz works with the largest EV charging network operators in the world deploying the most innovative technologies, such as OCPP 2.0 and V2G (Vehicle to Grid) ISO 15118. We understand your challenges and will work with all levels of your management, technical departments and policymakers to deploy EV Charging services to meet your unique requirements.

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