To stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing mobility climate, and steer the industry while complying with ever more stringent emission standards, car makers must take the lead in the EV game.

To succeed, the development of new EV models must be accompanied by a well operated, extensive and accessible charging infrastructure. To ensure EV driver satisfaction and reinforce your brand, you must be able to depend on a well-managed EV charging network.

Driivz EV charging management platform helps you not only control the game, but lead the e-mobility revolution, with solutions to support your external EV programs as well as efficiently manage your own EV fleet.

The Driivz cloud-based platform spans EV operations, grid and user management, home, public and workplace charging management, advanced billing, and driver self-service apps. The Driivz platform is modular, role- based, and fully customizable to fit any business model. It supports more than 80 charger types, multiple tariff plan options, and can effectively integrate with any third- party System.

Benefits you can count on:


The current move to EV is seen as the most significant transformation for the automobile industry for the past 100 years. It has taken decades to build and enhance your brand and reputation. To make sure that your brand can lead the industry, you need to rely on an infrastructure that is reliable, stable and easily accessible and that will keep your vehicles on the road.

The Driivz end-to-end EV Charging Management platform is designed to ensure that EV owners can trust the charging infrastructure to keep their vehicles running, thus protecting and enhancing your hard-won brand reputation.


Vehicle owners want to charge anywhere and anytime they need to continue enjoying the unique driving experience an EV offers. Car makers benefit by being able to re-assure owners that the infrastructure exists to support them, is efficient, reliable and consistent.

Additionally, our system is open meaning manufacturers have few restrictions when it comes to selecting and installing compatible hardware. Our platform is OCPP compliant and already supports more than 80 different charger types and can integrate with almost any 3rd party system.


The Driivz system is open and designed to support the anticipated growth in EV adoption. Car makers can confidently promote sales expansion of EVs and the development of new models, knowing that the charging platform and its essential management functions are reliable, scalable and able to acommodate any size of charging infrastructure.

Whether you need to manage your own EV fleet or a ride-share program, the Driivz platform has all that is required to support your business model.


Our system is built for today’s market realities and tomorrow’s anticipated demands. We help eliminate concerns about charging technologies for new EV models or the needs of the charging networks. Furthermore, we can consult car makers on building their own EV charging networks or partnering with others.

Our system enables the creation of a shared network of EV charging stations to allow your drivers to easily charge on the go. Manufacturers can build customer group programs to offer promotional incentives for specific charging stations, customer segments, or locations for owners of their vehicles.

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