Scale up your business with rapid time to market for roaming partner integrations

  • Grow your business

    Increase profitability with extremely flexible billing

    Build tariffs and pricing plans, products, and promotions to support any business model using the most flexible EV charging billing system available on the market today. With support for most industry-standard payment gateways, Driivz enables eMSPs to easily handle full-cycle payment processing without needing an external system.

  • Scale up with partners

    Rapid time to market for roaming partner integrations

    Rapidly scale up with almost any roaming partner, through a peer-to-peer integration (OCPI) or through a roaming hub. Using the knowhow gained from years of experience powering many of the world’s leading EV charging networks, Driivz enables eMSPs with a quick time to market for EV charging roaming partner integrations.

  • Nurture loyal subscribers

    Provide drivers with a seamless charging experience

    With a branded mobile app and web portal, drivers can find an available charger, navigate, charge up and then easily make payment. Using voice activation, drivers don’t even have to stop their car. Customer service is available directly from within the app, so you’re never more than a click away from your subscribers.

  • Attract enterprise customers

    Bring in fleets and automotive OEMs

    Work with any type of fleet, supporting in-depot, public, and back-to-home charging scenarios while providing fleet drivers with a seamless charging experience. Support OEMs by enabling them to promote EV sales with offers of free charging for any period of time. The OEM is billed monthly for the “free” charging sessions.

The Decision Maker’s Guide To Selecting An Electric Vehicle Charging Management Platform

  • Understand the challenges facing EV charging industry players
  • Learn about the capabilities that an EV charging management platform needs to overcome them
  • Consider different approaches to implementation



Supporting commercial growth in your home territory and abroad

All-encompassing EV billing

Built to meet all the billing needs of a large-scale EV charging business.

  • Analytics, dashboards, and reports

    Stay on top of charging transactions and revenue

  • Simple and error-free monthly settlement

    Accurate billing cycles enabled by monthly billing reports segmented by business partner

  • Full-cycle payment processing

    Out-of-the-box integration with most industry standard payment gateways.

  • Branded invoices

    No need for external payment platforms


Supports international growth

Seamlessly handles cross-border networks.

Circle K selected Driivz to power growth in Europe and North America. Support for cross-border payments, multiple currencies and tariffs, complex reconciliations and international roaming were essential requirements for Circle K’s business in both Europe and North America.

  • Simplify EV charging across borders

    Drivers charge seamlessly wherever they travel

  • Handle international payment

    Support multiple currencies, country-specific tax requirements and international payment gateways

  • Transparency to drivers

    Itemized invoices showing drivers costs in both their local currency and the international currency where they charged

  • Fight EV charging fraud

    Prevent loss of revenue by setting higher credit card pre-authorization amounts where needed


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