Keep your EV fleet fully charged and optimize energy management with Driivz’s cloud-based software, while providing your drivers with a seamless EV charging experience

  • Optimize EV Fleet Operations

    Ensure EVs are always charged up and ready to go

    Driivz Insite optimizes EV charging and energy management for Fleets. Use Driivz Insite to maximize the capacity of your charging infrastructure compared to unmanaged charging, increase your ROI, accelerate electrification to reach your zero-emissions goals, and cut EV charging costs, while providing a seamless charging experience for your drivers.

  • Provide a Seamless Charging Experience

    Wherever they are, drivers simply charge up

    At the depot, Driivz Insite optimizes charging schedules and reserves chargers according to the fleet’s business needs, so EVs are ready on time for their next route. When needed, drivers can use public chargers, even when roaming, and simply tap a company-issued RFID card or swipe an app . And for home charging, Driivz’s flexible billing engine makes it easy for the company to compensate drivers for EV charging energy costs.

  • Monitor and Manage EV Charging

    Gain insights 24/7 from real-time dashboards

    Driivz Insite offers real-time, 24/7 monitoring for charging status, charger availability and utilization, energy consumption, and more. Using intuitive dashboards, reports, and analytics, fleet operators can make insight-driven decisions on managing reservations, energy planning, resolving issues, and more.

  • Achieve Energy Optimization

    Increase capacity, reduce costs, generate new revenue

    Advanced algorithms optimize the consumption of energy for EV charging, increasing capacity up to 6X compared to unmanaged charging. Leverage Time of Use contracts to maximize charging when electricity rates are low to reduce EV charging costs. Take advantage of Demand/Response, and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) opportunities and participate in energy flexibility markets to generate new revenue streams from EV charging management.

eBook: The Road to Successful Fleet Electrification

  • Learn about the paradigm shift of fleet vehicle “refueling “
  • Explore the challenges faced by EV fleet managers in their electrification journey
  • Discover the four pillars of an optimized EV fleet

ČEZ selected Driivz to deliver the EV charging management system for its entire electromobility network. The platform was chosen for its reliability, flexibility, innovation, and global track record, and has been repeatedly proven in already mature eMobility markets. Driivz’s technology gave ČEZ the capacity to flexibly cover various use cases, such as fleet operations and support a combination of public, semi-public, and private charging.


Smart Energy Management
for Fleet EV Charging

Fleet electrification comes with challenges around energy management, such as keeping power used for EV charging within the site’s capacity, lowering EV charging costs, and planning EV charging to match vehicles’ schedules.

Driivz SmartChain™ energy management optimizes EV charging, letting you increase your site’s capacity, leverage Time of Use contracts to lower costs, and participate in Demand/Response initiatives and energy flexibility markets to generate new revenue from your fleet’s EV charging infrastructure

Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet electrification is the transition of a fleet from using internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs). While there are many benefits to fleet electrification, the process also poses challenges to fleet operators, such as managing energy for EV charging with limited on-site capacity, prioritizing EV charging according to business needs, driver experience, and more.

There are many benefits to fleet electrification. Reduced emissions is an obvious benefit that not only helps the environment, but also helps businesses achieve government mandated sustainability goals. Economic benefits include reduced operating and maintenance costs, as well as lower energy costs of recharging versus refueling which all lead to lower total cost of ownership (TCO). But there are also secondary economic benefits. Fleet electrification improves a company’s reputation and brand positioning among consumers fostering increased satisfaction and loyalty with customers.

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