Keep your EV fleet fully charged and optimize energy management with our cloud-based software, providing a seamless charging experience to your fleet drivers

  • Achieve Operational Excellence

    Optimize fleet utilization and fleet operations

    Our Fleet Manager Portal empowers you to manage and control the unique aspects of your EV fleet charging operations, maximize utilization and reduce energy costs leveraging smart charging capabilities.
    Driivz’s intuitive, easy-to-use and highly automated tools will ensure EVs are ready to roll when needed and an excellent charging experience for fleet drivers.

  • Enable a seamless vehicle journey

    Integrate charging into a seamless vehicle journey

    Provide intuitive and easy-to-use tools and support multiple fleet types and charging scenarios, incl.: depot charging, home charging, and on-the-road charging. Integration with fleet legacy solutions and schedule planning tools will ensure a smooth charging experience.

  • Maximize reliability and stability

    Guarantee your drivers have enough charge for their next trip

    A unified insights-driven dashboard offers real-time 24/7 charger monitoring and control of charging operations and utilization, advanced reports and analytics, alerts and notifications.
    Self-healing algorithms enable operational-related EV charger issues to be identified and automatically fixed remotely.

  • Optimize energy management

    Avoid high energy costs with our smart charging energy management solution

    Optimize the charging infrastructure by efficiently monitoring, managing and adjusting energy consumption, providing optimal demand response and cost, based on fleet priority and Time of Use (ToU).
    Reduce initial investment in infrastructure by leveraging capacity planning and optimization, integration with local storage and renewables and intelligent V2G charging.

New eBook: The Road to Successful Fleet Electrification


All EV fleets need to be primed and ready to overcome general EV obstacles. By integrating the Driivz platform into CEVS, drivers of Centrica Business’ own fleet and those of its customers gain access to a self-service portal which addresses and answers all of their EV charging needs.


Benefit from industry-leading
energy management solutions

Electrifying your fleet will come with energy management challenges, such as lack of visibility into energy levels and consumption and peak-load increases leading to expensive infrastructure upgrades.

Driivz SmartChain™ Energy Manager is our comprehensive solution that will enable you to monitor, manage and adjust energy consumption, and provide optimal demand-response to your fleet managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The transition of fleet vehicles from internal combustion engines (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs), to reduce emissions and mitigate the impact of transportation on climate change.

Fleet electrification enables companies to achieve lower TCO through reduced maintenance, operational, and fuel costs. Complying with carbon footprint-related regulations and ‘green’ policies supports corporate commitments to sustainability and environmental responsibility and strengthens companies’ brand positioning and customer loyalty.

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