The fuelling journey is evolving and will dramatically impact the future of oil and gas companies. But there are significant opportunities for fuelling stations to make the most of the advantages that EVs will bring. Crucially, previously anonymous customers in petrol stations and convenience stores will now become identified users when they charge their vehicles. This will provide invaluable driver insight, enabling businesses to provide additional services and products while utilizing owned real-estate.

Driivz’s platform manages the chargers that will enable oil and gas companies to leverage this data, as well as providing analytics from all the other touchpoints where these drivers go: whether in gas stations, at home, the workplace or in public.


    Understand your customer’s charging habits and diversify your service offering


    Introduce customized charging plans for drivers recharging on your network


    Energy optimization will enable you to offer fast and ultra-fast charging


    Driivz will swiftly optimize your current infrastructure with minimal disruption

Offerings for Oil and Gas companies

  • HOME

    Improve your customers’ experience with an all-round home solution

  • fleet-square-2

    Facilitate fleet managers’ transition to electric vehicles


    Utilize public space to facilitate the large-scale development of EV charging networks

Our Oil and gas customers benefit from
using these platform modules:

  • EV charging operations management
  • Bespoke billing capabilities and integration with existing billing solutions
  • Advanced energy management
  • Convenience store point-of-sale integration
  • Drivers analytics and business dashboards
  • Integration to established roaming platforms

Respond to the EV revolution by diversifying your offering and building new revenue streams

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