Our robust and reliable EV charging management solution will enable you to offer EV drivers the best charging experience

  • Flexible billing

    Set your own pricing plans for drivers who connect to your network.

    Our bespoke billing solution – with millions billed transactions and counting – has been designed specifically for the EV charging industry and addresses every aspect of your operations, including support for flexible tariff management, various business models and price plans, multiple currencies and invoicing.

  • Roaming

    Remain easily accessible to EVs that have not previously registered to your network.

    Integration to established roaming platforms including Hubject, GIREVE, e-clearing.net allows more than 1 million EV drivers to seamlessly charge wherever they are. Through interoperability, our software handles authorization, token synchronization and transaction exchange.

  • Operational excellence

    Ensure charger availability and reliability.

    Automated Alert Management System (AMS) enables 24/7 issue detection and prioritization to avoid impact on drivers. Automated self-healing algorithms remotely address up to 80% of operational problems related to EV chargers.

  • Energy management

    Shift EV charging load using smart charging during peak times.

    Our modular and scalable cloud-based platform provides Industry-leading support for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) communications according to global EV charging standards, including OCPP 2.0.1, openADR 2.0 and ISO 15118.

Driivz and ElaadNL have successfully deployed an EV (Electric Vehicle) charging energy management platform based on Driivz’s technology and energy management algorithms.


Benefit from industry-leading
energy management solutions

Driivz SmartChain Energy Manager is our comprehensive approach that will enable you to monitor, manage and adjust energy consumption, and provide optimal demand-response in your public offering.

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