As the adoption of electric vehicles increases, so will pressure on the grid. This presents an opportunity for utilities, whose position as guardians of grid infrastructure gives them a competitive advantage. If utilities act quickly, providing new products and services for their customers to embrace the EV revolution, this will not only save money in the long-term, but will instantly create new revenue streams in overlapping markets.

Driivz™ facilitates this opportunity by delivering a seamless and robust EV charging and energy management platform. This gives you the autonomy to generate profits and create new revenue streams in different markets. Utilities are also benefiting from our smart energy management offering and support for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) connectivity.


    Embrace the additional utilization of your grid by providing energy management capabilities and smart EV charging services for your customers.


    The Driivz platform can support large-scale networks, enabling you to scale your EV charging offering as your business grows


    Migrate your existing network or set up a new network and be up and running within weeks


    We comply with all OCPP-certified chargers and can integrate our platform with your existing mission-critical systems, as well as integrating with demand-response solutions

Offerings for Utilities

Our Utility customers benefit from
our platform capabilities:

  • EV charging operations management
  • Smart energy management using demand-response solution integration
  • Support for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) connectivity
  • Industry-specific billing module
  • White-labelled EV driver self-service portal and mobile app
  • Automated Alert Management System (AMS)

Building grid reliability and resilience for
EV adoption

  • Monetize on the exploding EV charging market as EV service providers
  • Build grid resilience needed to support EV charging
  • Reforge customer relationships through EV charging services


We work with global utilities to optimize EV charging networks.

The Decision Maker’s Guide to Selecting an EV Charging Management Platform