Our holistic platform can be customized according to your specific needs. The modular system is the most effective solution for building, managing and growing your business. Best of all, our system is ready to be integrated into your system whenever you wish.

Operator Portal — this webinterface manages and operates your PEV-charging station ecosystem. The Operator Portal is not only easy-to-use, it contains a powerful set of features for various user types. Support and manage your charging stations, drivers, fleets and other types of users in the most efficient way. You find an in-depth, real-time overview of what is happening at every single station and socket (charge points), along with tools for fast and effective issue resolution.

Driver Portal & Applications — make the most of our webinterface and our excellent apps to provide your customers with a complete set of tools for their daily needs. The Driivz Driver Portal provides your customers with a complete set of tools that address their PEV needs, and our on-the-go applications include operator dashboards, tools for Android and IOS, and mobile notifications via app, SMS or email. We further offer a mobile app for online and offline onsite activities, including installation and maintenance tools. Expand your customer base and keep them loyal!

Billing —  make use of our comprehensive, telco-grade flexible billing system that seamlessly integrates with every Driivz module as well as your existing legacy systems. You can relax since our system addresses every aspect of your billing cycle and facilitates easy business transactions with your customers and partners. It is flexible in nature, and will increase your system’s performance while reducing your operational costs due to its automated payment, billing functions and remote management options.

Analysis Tools — our powerful analytic modules provide an extensive and powerful set of reports that grant valuable insight into your network and processes. Driivz numerous up-to-date reports allow quick adjustment and optimization of your operations.