Choosing Between Build | Buy| Hybrid

Whether companies enter the EV charging market as CPOs, EMSPs, or EVSPs, they need an EV charging and energy management platform to maintain a stable and highly available charger network and ensure drivers get the seamless charging experience they seek.

To acquire a platform, EV charging providers must make a crucial “build vs. buy” decision, while considering that a hybrid approach may deliver the best ROI.

This whitepaper presents the pros and cons of build vs. buy when implementing an EV charging and energy management platform, while examining the viability and benefits of a hybrid option, in which some modules are purchased out-of-the-box, while other capabilities are developed and customized to meet specific business needs.

You will learn about:

  • The factors to consider in the build vs. buy decision
  • Guiding principles that can help resolve the question of build, buy or hybrid
  • The best approach to build a future-proof EV charging management business

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