Our vision

  • To lead the plug-in EV industry’s dynamic and continuous transformation

  • To become a primary source of e-mobility solutions and innovations, worldwide

  • To reduce overall energy consumption and environmental footprint

  • To change the way businesses and individuals consume energy

Everyone at Driivz plays a key role in growing the company. You will also continuously learn in an environment that values hard work, team players and creative individuals – Driiverz. If you share our vision, we want to hear from you.

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What does it mean to be a Driiver?

  • Passionate

    Driven by the opportunity to make an impact

  • Innovative

    Always discovering new and disruptive ways of dealing with technological challenges

  • Engaged

    Engrossed by the energy and transportation revolutions

  • Collaborative

    Contributing to the growth of the company and the power of teamwork

  • Big thinkers

    Embracing challenge, being yourself and unafraid of debate

  • Green thinkers

    Dedicating yourself to a sustainable cause

Empowering the largest EV charging networks worldwide

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